Ironbound is a Sci-Fi story based on a fantasy world I created a few years back. The story is set thousands of years in the future from the fantasy world: Set a decade after the end of a six-hundred year war. Follow Shaela Amaya, a Helsian warrior who is forced to live amongst her peoples long-time enemy, as the emperor’s ward as part of the peace-treaty.

Table of Contents:

Here is the part in the story where I forgot to introduce the Emperor (AKA the host) to anyone. He goes out on an adventure to meet new people. Technically they’re not chapters, just little snippets and captions – but I’m adding them here to serve chronological purposes, that and they’re at least mildly humorous.

Now that Emp is all chummy with tonnes of people, it’s back to the story:

– End of Phase One –

– End of Season One –

– End of Phase One –

– End of Season Two –

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  1. Hello!

    Just wanted to let you know that a fellow simmer (Livvielove) and I have joined forces and started to create a masterlist for sims stories!
    We’ve taken the liberty of adding your story to the list on this blog:

    If you’d rather not be featured on it, or if you have some modifications you’d like to make to your entry just let us know!

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