Chapter 69

Thoughts & Intrigue

Shaela Running in SimulationThe princess has been locked in her room for two days now. I hear screaming every now and then in between the tears of anguish. It might be a while before she is ready to come out. I locked myself away for weeks after Ymnir’s death, not wanting to see anybody at all. All there is left for me to do until then is train.

Shaela Running in Simulation 2I set-up the simulation room to take on the appearance of the neighbourhood where we landed. It was beautiful and I loved to jog past the beach, the computer doing an excellent job of rendering humans that I’d run past before out in the real world.

Shaela Running in Simulation 3Shaela Running in Simulation 4I loved the smooth transition from beach to the green tranquillity of the nearby track. Birds overhead, and cicadas beneath competing to be heard.

Shaela Running in Simulation 5I wonder if I shouldn’t have said what I did to Leyva? She was acting foolish though, something that I’d never seen in her before. I wonder if I should go and talk to her?

Shaela Running in Simulation 6No. She needs time, don’t be foolish. You’ve been in her situation, just be there for her when she is ready to talk.

Shaela Running in Simulation 7I wonder how Nakaia and the others are doing top-side?

*   *   *

Nakaia stepped off the tram with the others not far behind. They’d reached Twin Oracle Point and true to his word, Xenglo had left a plethora of supplies. They materialized out of thin air, responding to Nakaia’s voice as she sang a quick note.

Xenglo's SuppliesThere was a tablet sitting on one of the crates. Nakaia knew that it would be final words from Xenglo so she picked it up and started to read its contents.

Note From Xenglo“Oh fair siren, the woman of my dreams!”

Nakaia rolled her eyes, “Sodding Neb!”

Note From Xenglo 2“There should be enough goods here to construct a decent base. With Orion and Rene’s knowledge you should have it up and running in a matter of months.”

Nakaia looked around and was pleased with the range of supplies around them. She set about commanding the group to organize it all in to logical piles, leaving Orion in charge of this aspect while she read the last part of the message.

“One final warning before I jump into Xaabos Space. Expect some visitors soon, if Korv asks about the Helsian I cannot like. He will likely send bounty hunters, maybe assassins after you. Be ready!”

Nakaia shut off the tablet and set it down. She was always ready, she had expected the Nebula-Runner to betray them – it was in their nature. But was this actually a betrayal or something else?

She wanted to get this base up and running as soon as possible so she could travel to Sixam to investigate this new thread of intrigue further.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 69”

  1. This is the first time I’ve gotten to read your blog on the computer and it’s GORGEOUS! It must have taken you ages to build it! It’s so amazing it makes me feel totally immersed in the world you have created. 🙂 Great job! 🙂

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