Chapter 115

– 00:45:28:47


Bella launched herself at me without another word and I fired my gun three times, aiming for centre mass.


I watched in surprise as the bullets disintegrated harmlessly against a shield, damn her and her ingenuity, I thought as she slammed into my mid-section, knocking the wind out of me and sending my gun scattering across the floor and out of reach.


Seconds later and she was on top of me. A hand grabbed my throat and started to squeeze, it required all my strength to stop that hand from gaining a death grip, so much so, that I never noticed the knife in her other hand as it slid into my side.


Pain lanced through me and my vision blurred, I released my grip on her hand that was choking me and the force around my neck increased. Again, I was able to suppress her chokehold, so Bella pulled the knife out and with a wicked smile, she licked the blade before thrusting it into my stomach.


Three more times she stabbed me, and each time, I felt my strength waning. It won’t be long before I no longer had the strength to stop her attacks. One last time, I felt the blade sink into my chest, this time I felt something rupture inside but strangely, I felt no pain. My grip loosened around her hand, and the pressure around my neck increased, I knew that I no longer had the strength to fight it.


She was unstoppable. Shaela and Leyva had no chance against someone like this! If only I could reach my… where was my gun?




Bella’s body slumped forward, and I felt warm blood trickle onto my face, when my vision returned, I saw her lifeless eyes staring at me, she had three bullet holes through the side of her head.


“Thought you might need a hand,” Samla said as she rushed forward to push Bella’s body away from me.

Her eyes betrayed the next words that she whispered hastily, “You’re going to be okay.”


“Alex?” I asked weakly, coughing up blood as Samla held me in her arms. My vision darkened and I barely heard her next words.


“Safe, I got Rene to follow me, Alex is with him back at the base.”


“Good… At least,” I started, coughing up more blood. “We did… something… ri-”


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