Chapter 58

The Fire Rages Within (Part 3)

Alfran awoke feeling groggy. It was as if there was a fog inside his brain, and every muscle inside his body was aching. His surroundings felt different, yet familiar. It was pitch black, so he could not see what gave him that feeling of familiarity. He reached out with his hand and grasped, metal.

“Enjoying you new quarters?” called out Korv over a loud speaker. The lights came on and Alfran was filled with dread.

Awaiting the Fight 2He was back at the Slaughterdome. This cell-block was to be his home until he died in the arena. He heard a groan next to him and turned to see Keth in the cell next to him.

Awaiting the FightWell that was a positive at least, he thought to himself. If Keth was in the same cell-block, than he would be his ally if it were to be a group-melee. The inner gates unlocked and the voice spoke again,

“Go talk to your ally Alfran, I’m sure he’s dying to get some pointers.”

“Sod off you petulant brat!” muttered Alfran under his breath, but he obliged and entered Keth’s cell, sitting down next to him on his cot.

Keth Complains To Alfran“They cut off my hair.” Keth complained, “It is an insult and an embarrassment!”

Helsian’s and their hair, Alfran thought to himself. But he couldn’t talk, it was just the same with San’Dreki and their tech. Thankfully, he had all his tech still.

Alfran Gives Advice“They did you a favour Keth,” started Alfran, “Long hair in the pit is another tool for your opponent to use. I will be cutting off my hair shortly.”

“So this is really happening?”

Alfran Gives Advice  3“I’m afraid so.”

“How long were you here for last time?” Keth asked, curious as to the old stewards past.

“Twenty-six years” Alfran replied. He lowered his head and remembered all the blood he had spilled, all the lives that he had taken. “Do you know anything about pit-fighting Keth?”

Keth Asks For Advice“Not really. There was a Helsian woman that was a pit-fighter. This was a long time ago, but her story is legend amongst Helsian’s. She was brutal, ruthless, and methodical.”

Alfran Gives Advice 2Alfran nodded, “Yes I know that tale. She was trained to fight in the pits from an early age. You don’t have that luxary, but you are a soldier – use your instincts and you may be fine.”

A different voice spoke out over the intercom. “Fighter’s prepare yourselves and make your way to the holding pens in fifteen minutes”

“Well,” said Alfran. “I had best lop this hair off and get myself ready.”

*   *   *

Alfran met Keth again in the Staging Area. He had already chosen his weapon, a Xaabosian made sword of Helsian design. It was no Sky-Shard weapon, but it was familiar to the man.

The Two Say Their Farewells 2“Not a bad choice.” he offered to the Helsian. He would go in unarmed, he was a weapon himself with his metal-tipped tail, horns and his martial skills.

“Any last words of wisdom?”

Alfran nodded, “Yes. If both our doors open, we will be allies. That is why we were placed in the same cell-block.”

The Two Say Their Farewells“Good to know.” said Keth as he turned away, heading in the direction of his holding pen.

“Oh, and one last thing.” Alfran called out. Keth turned back and the San’Dreki smiled, “Don’t die.”

Alfran Goes To His Holding Pen“I’ll try.” laughed Keth as he watched Alfran enter his holding pen. “You look ridiculous you know that right?”

“Of course I do. Now go!”

Keth Goes To His Holding PenKeth chuckled as he himself entered his pen. It was only a matter of moments before those doors opened and they would be fighting for their lives.

Alfran Awaits For His Door To Open Keth Awaits For His Door To Open


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