Chapter 98



“Welcome Miss Norris,” President Bigfellow grinned as he eyed me up and down, “A pleasure to see you.”


I’d purposely chosen an outfit that looked to fit the bill but was obviously out of place. A few buttons were left open on my blouse, allowing the President to spy my bra, especially if I leaned forward in my chair, I wore a skirt with a decidedly risqué split which I made sure to reveal as I crossed my legs when I sat down. I wanted this man on edge, I wanted him to want me, and I wanted the job that he was offering.


“Thank you for seeing me Mr President, it is an honour to meet you,” I replied as I flashed him my most charming smile, leaning forward in my chair and placing my hands on my legs. The move was not lost on the President, his eyes lingered too long on my body, but this was fine by me, it only made my job easier.


“Your résumé is most impressive, the vetting process was exhausting, we could barely find any discrepancies, which is a refreshing change from all the bullshit my colleagues spin each day. However, there is one matter I would like to discuss.”

Here comes the bait.

A folder was placed on the desk and slid across to me, I opened it up to reveal a collection of photographs of when I was young, a college girl, wild and full of life. These were incriminating and that is exactly why I’d created them in the first place.


“I… Ah…” I stammered, appearing shocked that these photos existed.


“I have videos too,” the President claimed, which was false but there was no use in correcting him.


“That was over ten years ago!” I said, tears streaming down my face.


“Oh, I think we can work something out.” President Bigfellow offered casually with a wicked grin on his face.


I heaved a sigh of relief and returned the Presidents smile. As disgusting as this man was, I needed him to believe that he was in charge, that he had the leverage, even though I’d been playing him all along.


Soon, I’ll have access to the Lion’s Den.


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