Chapter 27

The Assassin (Part 1)

Sage joined Shaela in the hot-tub, the Helsian woman looked to be going through some muscle-movement exercises to keep her muscles loose – she was upset about something and was reverting to her warrior training.

“Mind if I join you?” Sage asked with a dazzling smile. Shaela looked up and gestured for the San’Dreki to enter. She stepped in to the water and let out an involuntary gasp at the heat of it.

The woman just sat there in the steaming water, Sage joined in on the muscle-movement exercises. After a few moments Shaela broke the silence,

“You are an amazing dancer.”

“Thank you.”

“It looked to me inside that you had some combat training from the way you moved?” Shaela asked.

“I know a few moves.” Sage replied.

“Perhaps we could spar sometime?”

The San’Dreki smiled, “Perhaps.”

The water to the hot-tub splashed as another person entered unannounced.

“Hey Red!” said Leyva as she sat down next to Sage. She splashed water in to the dancer’s face before moving to sit beside Shaela. She rested her head on the Helsian woman’s shoulder, “Korv said that you wanted to see me?”

“Wait, what!?!”

Shaela saw movement out of the corner of her eye and pushed Leyva away from her. It was only her quick action that saved the princess, the dancer’s metal-tipped tail puncturing the hot-tub where Leyva’s heart would have been. Shaela and the princess jumped out of the water as the San’Dreki dislodged her tail from the stone.

“Get out of here!” shouted Shaela to the startled princess.

“I’m not leaving you Red!” But before she could do anything else she found herself being thrown off the roof by her friend. As she plummeted she thought that she would die, only to land in the soft water of the terraced pool on the floor below them. “Red!” she cried, and raced inside to find help.

*   *   *

Sage casually hopped out of the spa-pool with a mirthless smile on her face.

“You’ve failed. The princess is gone!” Shaela laughed. She hoped that the woman would flee now that her assassination attempt had failed but she stood there and that smile grew wider, more terrifying.

“Who says I was here for her? You were always the target Shaela – the princess was just my bonus.”

“Korv” Shaela cursed.

“Look on the bright side girl” Sage said cheerfully, “At least you get to spar with me before you die.”

Sage dropped in to a fighters stance and beckoned Shaela to attack.

*   *   *

Leyva saw Nakaia running away from the ballroom in a rush.

“Nakaia!” she called out, and sprinted to catch up to the woman.

“Princess, you’re safe! Where is Shaela?”

“On the roof with that San’Dreki. She tried to kill me!”

Nakaia nodded and pressed something on one of the bracelets she wore around her wrists. “Follow me, your father and Alfran are on their way.”

They raced up the stairs, and found themselves in front of a door, Emperor Saarang and Alfran already there. Alfran’s cybernetic eye was lit up, a faint red beam projecting from it.

“We have a problem.” he said. “The door has been sealed shut by a thermal-fuse. And she’s moved a book-case in front of it from the other side. We’re not getting up there this way.”

“So Shaela’s alone up there!?!” cried the princess.

“Alfran, have the cruiser prepared for flight.” demanded the emperor, “We’re going up there.”


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  1. So, this was clear… Now, how does Shaela do against Sage? This is honestly the fight in all simlit I’m looking forward to the most. Both seem to be amazing fighters so who will win? Going to find it out! 😀

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