Chapter 88



Nakaia had just finished watching the news again, and that sense of wrongness returned. A well-loved Senator, and the supposed front-runner for the Presidential Race not only pulled out of the race with no reason given, but was found dead in his home later that evening. It was ruled natural causes, but everything just looked suspicious to her.


She picked up her phone and pulled up the number of someone that might have some answers for her, pressing the call button and waiting for an answer.


“Bella. Tell me about Senator Bigfellow.” Nakaia demanded.

Bella laughed, “Hello to you too Nakaia!”


“Sorry, hello. I’m just concerned is all, two jump-capable ships left Xaabos during a calm, and now this story about Senator Edmonds.” Nakaia paused as she let Bella absorb the information, “You don’t believe for one minute that he died of natural causes do you?”

“Of course not, but Nakaia… Don’t do this.”


It was Nakaia’s turn to laugh this time, “Do what Bella?”

“Go all White Knight on me. Take my advise, leave Bigfellow alone. I’ve been monitoring him for years, and he is a dangerous man.”


“I don’t know if I can do that Bella,” Nakaia replied, “He reminds me too much of someone.”

“Emperor Zorr?” Bella asked.

“Of course.”

Bella was silent for a long time before she spoke again, “Okay Nakaia, I’ll send through what I’ve got, but be careful!”

“I will.”

“And Nakaia?”


“Good luck!”


“Thanks Bella.”

Nakaia hung up the phone and sighed. She was feeling tense, so much was happening that was beyond her control, she needed to calm herself down before she looked at the data that Bella was going to send her.


She drew herself a nice hot bath and lay in it’s steamy hot water for a long time, trying to wash away the tension. As the water cooled to a luke-warm, Nakaia felt no better than she had before so she hopped out of the bath, got changed and ventured outside to try some meditation.

She sat down and started her breathing exercises, feeling the hot sun on her back and the soft chimes of the crystal trees as they blew in the wind helped to ease her mind, but soon they were drowned out by the crashing of metal on metal.


She tried to ignore it, and focus her mind on the pleasant sounds around her, but the noise was too much. She stood up and walked over to the source of the noise and found Rene and Orion working on one of the rockets they would use to reach Sixam.


“Progress report Orion?” Nakaia asked, as she watched the two of them working together.

“Almost finished, just a few minor touches and I’ll take her out for a test drive.”

Nakaia nodded and stepped back, allowing the men to finish their job in peace. Half an hour later and Orion had guided the rocket with the thrusters into it’s silo for it’s maiden voyage.


The siren sounded, which signalled that the rocket was about to take off and Nakaia watched as the rocket lifted off and zoomed off into space. A little slower than she would’ve liked, but there was plenty of time for upgrades.

“Rene, please bring the next rockets parts up and place them here. Start working on the rocket yourself, and ask Orion when he returns to start working on upgrading the first rocket.”

“Will do.” Rene saluted Nakaia before racing off to complete his task.

Nakaia retreated back inside feeling much better. Seeing the progress they were making had a calming effect on her, and she was thankful for it.


She watched as the men carried on with their work, Galvex even tried to chip in which brought a smile to her face. Tomorrow, Nakaia thought to herself, I’ll check out Bella’s information tomorrow, it’s nice to just relax for a time.

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