Chapter 31

Recovery? (Part 3)

“What is it Saarang? You are not scheduled to holo with your son for another two days.”

“Khemir, there has been an incident.”

“Tell me.”

“There was an attempt on my daughters life last night.”

“And why does this concern me? Was the would be assassin Helsian?”

“No. She was San’Dreki, hired by my own nephew.”

– Pause –


“She fought the assassin and killed her, but was wounded in the process.”

“How badly?”

“She may not make it.”

– The sound of furniture crashing, and breaking can be heard over the speaker system –

“If she dies, I swear it  by almighty Apex we will all come for you. Every single last Helsian, and we, will, ANNIHILATE YOU!”

“Let us hope it doesn’t come to that, old enemy.”

“Yes. Let us hope. And what of your nephew.”

“Disappeared during the chaos. We are scouring the planet for him. He will be found and dealt with.”

“Good. Keep me informed of my daughters status. And think on this Saarang – You have only seen us as a race looking to survive, you do not want to see what we are capable of when we are looking to destroy.”


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