Chapter 21

The Party (Part 5)

Nakaia had no time to lose. It was straight down to business for the Orrix. She zeroed in on the leaders of the activist group the emperor was concerned about.

This group was making waves in public forums, demanding that the turn over the Sky-Shard mines to the empire. Manipulating these men were easy, a mix of showing interest and blatantly ignoring their advances was all it took.

Their movement was all bluster, the younger one boasting that all the traffic on their XIN-site was him posing as multiple users. There was no way that these fools could have hired an assassin, so why did she feel so uneasy?

She sat down next to Galvex and watched as the San’Dreki dancer worked through her routine, the servo-bot snoring away. Had she met this woman before? It was highly likely, she’d done so many missions over the years for the emperor, and his father before him that there was a good chance that she had seen this dancer perform before.

She banished the dancer from her mind and continued on with her task. The night was still young and she had so much to do before it was over.


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