Chapter 30

Recovery? (Part 2)

Alfran sat down opposite the emperor, and set up the chess board. There was still unease between the two after their previous encounter.

“Any news on the girl?” he asked as he placed his first move on the board.

The emperor’s head sunk, “Nothing good I’m afraid. We remain optimistic but the doctors do not. Still, she is stronger than anyone I’ve ever met before, she could pull through.”


The emperor looked up, “What is it Alfran?”


“Speak up man!”

“I, I heard news from the agency that hired Sage.” Alfran said. “The woman that was here wasn’t her.”

“That’s good news isn’t it, your friend is-”

“Dead.” interrupted Alfran, “Apologies for interrupting you again Your Imperial Majesty.”

Emperor Saarang just nodded for Alfran to continue.

“They found her body not to long ago, all her skin had been removed. I’ve heard of this experimental San’Dreki tech which allows it’s owner to take on any form. It would appear that our assassin was a shape-changer.”

“Well, at least I don’t have to execute you now” laughed the emperor, trying to lighten the mood.

Alfran knocked over the pieces on the board, “My friend is dead because of your nephew, kill me now for all I care!”

“No. I won’t do that. But it would be wise if you left this instant.”

Alfran nodded and stood up. “Yes, it would be wise wouldn’t it?”

The emperor watched as his steward stormed off. Korv would have to pay for the pain he has caused, soon he would have to try and find him.

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