Chapter 11

8-Bit (Part 1)

A Community Lot by: jafhsdf

Princess Leyva’s Nexus Entry:

We went to 8-Bit like I hoped we would. Geographically it is quite far from the father’s palace, almost on the other side of the planet but it was one of the few places that it didn’t matter who or what you were. So when we got there it was still light, the 2nd sun was stubbornly refusing to set.

At first I thought that the night would be a complete disaster, by the time we got there Shaela was in a foul mood and wouldn’t even talk to me. That Samla girl couldn’t even get through to her so all I could do was wait, and hope.

Thankfully, after about an hour of brooding she started to open up. We just talked for a time, the two of us – completely avoiding the subject of this weekend. It was nice.

I excused myself for a time, a noble was trying to get my attention and by the looks of it he wanted to speak privately. From my seat I could see that she was having a good time with the Zora’s, there was even an old man sitting with them telling war stories of all the Helsian’s he fought against and how they were bloody good fighters.

I sat back down with Shaela. Rene Zora had left by then, leaving a free seat for me. Shaela was talking about how useless Rene and Samla were when they first joined the Stormers, and that’s when some one famous interrupted our conversation.

“You’re the captain of the famous Stormers?” it was none other than Admiral Davi, war veteran of over a dozen campaigns and a woman to look up to. She congratulated Shaela on a fine company before excusing herself.

By then my friend was absolutely beaming. She jumped out of her seat and raced to the bar “I’m buying!” she shouted excitedly. I noticed Nakaia sitting at the end of the bar and gave her a quick wink and a wave, bless her and her beautiful voice I thought to myself and smiled at how happy Shaela was.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 11”

  1. “the 2nd sun was stubbornly refusing to set” – I hate when that happens! Lol!

    So many tiny details that you’ve put into this that are so easy to miss if you go too fast. On that note, I should probably stop here..

    Liked by 2 people

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