Chapter 110

– 00:57:12:31 –


Nakaia and I were having another argument. She knew that we were close to the end of our time here, but she had the nerve to suggest that we stay longer, until her personal mission was completed.


I couldn’t believe it. She had always been the one to suggest that we speed things up and I’d done my best to try and achieve this, the fact that we were on time was nothing short of a miracle.

Argument4When I flat out said no, she claimed that I had no authority over any tactical decisions. I felt that things would come to blows shortly as my response was none to flattering.


It was a phone call from Alexander Goth that cooled the tensions down.


“Hey, kiddo! What’s up?” I asked, curious as to why he was calling.


“My mum left me at the park,” he started, a quick sniffle gave away that he’d been crying. I quickly connected to call through the bases speaker system so that Nakaia could hear, something didn’t feel right.

“What happened Alex? Try to remember as much as you can, it could be important.”


“I was playing on the Space Ship and was sitting in the Gunners Nest when I saw her take a phone call,” he sniffed, “She said the blue ladies name and then she looked really terrified, she dropped her phone and just walked off, towards home. She had this really scary look on her face, like she meant to hurt someone, this bully at school makes the same face.”


Nakaia stepped forward, and snatched the phone from my hand, “Alex, listen to me. Don’t go home, stay where you are, someone will come and get you. Do you hear me? Don’t go home.”


“Stay here? Alone?” he replied, the boy was so frightened.


I grabbed the phone back off Nakaia, giving her a stern look, “Don’t worry kiddo, I’ll be there shortly,” I reassured him and hung up the phone.


“Samla, go get the boy and bring him back here,” she ordered, “Bella’s gone rogue, someone must have spoken her Trigger Phrase, it was a failsafe from old Emperor Zorr’s time, in case a Shadow Agent refused to carry out an order.”


As much as it galled me that Nakaia was assuming command at this point, right now wasn’t the time to argue, I nodded my head and took off for the door. I hesitated at the threshold and turned back around, Nakaia was now holding a gun.

“What are you planning on doing Nakaia?” I asked, although I already had an idea of what that answer would be.


“I have to kill her Samla,” she replied with a tear running down her cheek “There’s no other way. I just hope that I get there before it’s too late.”


“Too late for wh-” I stopped myself as I realised what she meant and raced out the door.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 110”

    1. She’s not his mother anymore, what was done to her has completely brainwashed her – think Winter Soldier in Cap America: Civil War. Nakaia knows this but still, she’s hopeful that she can somehow disable her before she has to kill her, we’ll see soon enough the outcome of that.


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