Chapter 73

The Glory of the Pit (Part 3)

Keth Awaits Next FightKeth stood in his waiting pen, anxious for the doors to open so he could get the next fight over and done with. His first fight had boosted his confidence, but he’d learnt from his mistakes and would be more wary of his foe and to not let them rile him up.

He recalled words that Alfran had told him as he was recovering from his wounds. “You have to be more careful Keth, your enemy is going to try and put you off. Emotions can get you killed.”

He’d seen Alfran’s fight later. It was impressive, but terrifying. He knew nothing about Alfran, other than what he’d discovered during their time at the Water-Palace. Seeing him destroy that man in seconds, and turn his head into pulp was shocking to say the least.

The lock to his door clunked, and he prepared himself to step out into the arena floor.

*   *   *

Alfran Waits For Next FightAlfran heard the lock shift in its mechanism and he opened his eyes. It was time. Time to dispatch another pitiful excuse for a fighter. Time to bury Alfran and unleash the Scorpion.

Alfran's Door OpensThe door opened, and the Scorpion stepped out. He stood in place and relished in the cheers from the crowd. This was his arena, this was his crowd. they cheered for him, he would give them a show to remember.

The door across from him opened, and the Scorpion eyed his opponent for the first time. Deep down inside his subconscious, Alfran cried out in anguish.

Keth's Door Opens Part 2The announcer cleared his throat and called out in his booming voice. “Today’s match we bring to you. Alfran the Scorpion versus the Greyling Ghost!”

The Scorpion snuffed out Alfran’s cries and steps towards his enemy. This won’t take long at all.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 73”

  1. Argh, I saw this coming, you are my witness! So Korv has decided his patience would have an end eventually. And I honestly don’t know whom I wish to win or if anyone actually should. Both of them would probably break by killing the other although Alfran could maybe endure it a bit easier because he already has experience in dealing with such matters. Maybe he’ll be able to shove the Scorpion aside.
    On the other hand, would I understand and forgive him killing Keth? Would I do the same for Keth? Or would I prefer seeing them withstand Korv and die in the attempt in honor?
    *must read!*

    Liked by 1 person

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