Chapter 32

Recovery? (Part 4)

Khemir Amaya, chieftain of the Helsian people, sat in his private garden and waited on his wife. He would have to break the news about their daughter to her, a task he did not relish in doing.

Vennla Amaya climbed the steps and sat down next to her husband. “What is it?”

She could sense something was wrong, he could tell by the directness of her questioning. He looked over to his beautiful wife, a marriage that was arranged, as per Helsian culture the new chief would marry the old chief’s daughter, thus keeping the line dating all the way back to Apex himself intact – against all odds they grew to love one another and created four amazing children.

“I received a holo from the Xaabosian Emperor last night.” Khemir started, making sure he had Vennla’s attention before he continued. “Our daughter was gravely wounded in an assassin attempt on the emperor’s daughter. He says she may not make it.”

Vennla gasped as she heard the news and closed her eyes. “What else do you know?”

Oh she was a perceptive woman. She could read right through him, she knew there was more to the story.

“It was the emperor’s own nephew who ordered the attack. In a rage, I threatened Saarang last night. I fear that if our daughter dies we will be at war again.”

“What about Jett?” his wife asked.

“His fate is set.”

“If you have him executed, your children will never forgive you.”

“I know this!” he snapped, “Don’t think that I don’t see how they adore him. This is not something that I want to do, it is something that must be done!”

“No.” His wife said flatly, “It doesn’t. You kill him, and there will be nothing stopping the emperor from unleashing the full force of his nation against us. Keeping him alive, in our hands, at least keeps Saarang in check.”

Khemir sighed heavily, “You are right, as usual my wife. I must speak to the boy. Please excuse me.”

He gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and disappeared down the stairs to find the Xaabosian heir. Vennla stared out in to the open air and prayed to Apex that Shaela would pull through.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 32”

    1. It would be a pretty risky plan on Korv’s behalf. Helsian’s are incredibly powerful and possibly the only reason they didn’t win the war was that they weren’t really trying to “win” only to survive.


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