Chapter 84


Have I been pushing Leyva too hard? She called me a name earlier, one I thought I would never hear escaping her lips.


I know it was just raw emotion, in response to the adrenaline and the blow I’d delivered to her, yet I couldn’t help but react to that name. I lashed out and struck her. It wasn’t a hard strike; I could’ve shattered her skull with a single punch if I’d meant to cause any real harm, still… I felt horrible afterwards.


It’s been just over two months since Bella locked us in this bunker and tasked us with The Bonding. Over that time I have been cruel, ruthless, unyielding in my training of the princess. It is a hard thing for me, putting my best friend through this gruelling process, but she asked for it, and I plan on delivering.


She is a completely different person to what she was before we started this thing. The old princess was lazy, self-conscious, and clumsy, whereas now she is driven, confident, and sure-footed. I know it is hate that drives her; I see the looks she gives me inside the Bonding Chamber, I hear the curses she mutters under her breath. None of that will matter if I can mould her into a capable warrior.


I question my methods in times like these. Each session is balancing act, pushing her close to her breaking point both mentally and physically. Am I going further than I thought? I heard her talking to herself in her room one night,


“I can’t keep this up!” she cried, “It is too hard!”


I wonder if she is aware of just how far she has come? Some people go years to achieve what Leyva has accomplished in a fraction of that time. I remember it took me fourteen months before I was able to last longer than twenty seconds in a fight with my trainer, and I was born during a war, I was already in peak physical condition when I started… Leyva had reached that in two months.


It was time to kick things up a notch. But before that, I have a little surprise for her, and I think she’ll like this one.



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