Chapter 61

Dinner At The Goth’s (Part 1)

– A Residential Lot by: findjoo

Meanwhile back on Terra, Bella is preparing the house for the guests arrival the following evening. Leaving Mortimer to look after the kids. Alex Wants To See Samla“So we’re having guests over tomorrow?” asked Alexander as he placed his knight in to an attacking move.

“Mmhmm.” nodded his father as he thought about his next move. He couldn’t believe how smart Alexander was, at such a young age and he could already tell that he had him cornered.

“Do you think that lady with the pretty speckles on her face will show up?” Cass Calling Alex A Dork“Why, does someone have a crush on her?” mocked Cassandra as she practised on her violin.

“Ew, no!” Alexander mimicked spitting out something foul tasting from his mouth. Alex Wants To See Samla 2Conceding defeat, Mortimer reset the board and made his first move. “I don’t know who is coming son, you know your mother and her secrets.”

Alexander leaned forward, “I know a secret.”

“Do you now?” his father smiled, “Do tell.” Mortimer Talking To AlexThey’re aliens” he whispered, just loud enough for his sister to hear as well.

“Don’t be a dork Alex, there’s no such thing as aliens!” Cassandra teased. Cass Arguing With Alex“There is to!”

“Is not!”

“Is to!”

“Is n-“

“CHILDREN!” Mortimer snapped. “Enough.” Alex Says He Saw A Spaceship“I can prove it.” said Alex with a defiant look on his face.

“Okay genius. How?” his sister asked, more so to entertain her brothers fancies as to any actual interest.

“I saw their spaceship when I was walking home from school the other day.”

“Liar!” laughed Cassandra.

“No, it’s true! It was HUGE! It looked like it landed where that old run-down mansion… Oak-something is.”

“Oakenstead?” offered Cassandra.

“Yeah, that’s the one!” Cass Explains Why They Couldn't Be Aliens“Hate to disappoint you brother, but I was down there earlier today, and that same old cruddy house is there.”

“Okay you two, enough of that.” Mortimer ordered, “Go do your homework.”

Cassandra grumbled but disappeared anyway to find her school bag. Alex had already done his homework, normally by now he would be inside reading, or experimenting on his experiment-table. But he wasn’t in the mood, he was sure that, that ship had landed in Oakenstead. Alex Walks To ObservatoryAlex Jumps Into ObservatoryHe disappeared out on to the roof and stepped in to the observatory. There are answers out there, and he would know them one day. Observing the Sky


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