Chapter 38

Recovery? (Part 10)

Shaela awoke to excruciating pain. Her surroundings were unfamiliar, cold, sterile. Princess Leyva sat on a chair at the edge of the room, head down and crying. Shaela tried to sit up but gasped from the pain and collapsed back down on to her bed.

“Red!” cried out Leyva as she jumped up from her seat to hover over the injured Helsian woman.

Shaela tried to speak but all that came out of her lips was an incomprehensible croak. Leyva leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

“Take it slowly Red, you nearly died!” her expression darkened as she stood up, “What were you thinking trying to fight her by yourself!?!”

Again more croaking. But this time Leyva understood her.

“We’re in space. Korv led a rebellion and has seized the Imperial Palace.”

Shaela frowned and with the aid of Leyva sat up on the bed. “I’m going to rip that mans throat out.” she muttered angrily.

“Apparently there will be a line. Get some rest Red, you’re going to need it.”

*   *   *

Meanwhile on the cold moon of Auriuth, in a dark, hidden laboratory. 

A computer whirred quietly nearby. She felt liquid bubbling around her. Each second that passed by, more of her body had generated.

It was expensive this augment, but worth every credit. Soon she will be fully regenerated and back in business. She might even keep the name Sage, it had a nice ring to it.

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