Chapter 124

– 00:21:44:91 –

 “Um… She’s already here,” I replied after a mysterious San’Dreki just appeared out of thin air.


She didn’t speak straight away, instead, she looked at each of us and I could see her cybernetic eye performing a scan.


“I need one person to come with me, you!” she said, pointing towards Shaela.


“Why not all of us?” I asked, curious as to her motivations.


The San’Dreki tossed two cubes at me, “Because you’ve got a broken ankle and that suit can only help so much, you’ll only slow me down, and she’s got a broken arm and is in shock, besides I don’t have enough Molecular Transporters for that many jumps.”

Hmm… Makes sense. I handed one cube to Leyva and kept one for myself.


“Where will these take us?” I asked, not wanting to go into anything blind.


“My ship,” a code was sent to my wrist piece, “give this to X.I.N. It will give you control of the ship, fly it to the outskirts of the Asteroid Belt, and prepare for a quick jump. Wait until the countdown gets to under one minute, as soon as it does, you get out of here.”


Shaela stood up and nodded her head, a grim look came across her face, “My suit, Samla.”


“I suppose it’s no use on a spaceship, huh?” I laughed as I pushed the release button and felt the suit melt away from my body, within seconds, the pain in my ankle returned and Leyva was there to lean on for support.


“What about Nakaia?” I asked, while Leyva just stared ahead, shaking from the shock and her own grief.


The San’Dreki peered into the car and smiled sadly, almost as if she’d known Nakaia, “You have to leave her for now, but once on board, X.I.N can transport her up to the ship, sadly, these devices can only transport living beings.”


I nodded, everything seemed clear now. There was no use arguing with her, this stranger had come with a plan and it was better than sitting around and waiting for the planet to burn.

“Hey,” I called out, “Good luck you two.”


“Yeah,” chimed in the princess, who was starting to recover from her shock, “Good luck Red and… who are you by the way?”


The San’Dreki looked like she wasn’t sure what to say, instead, Shaela spoke for her, “It doesn’t matter, get out of here, now!”


Without another word, Leyva and I looked at each other and nodded, we pushed the buttons on our cubes and felt a strange tearing on our bodies before we found ourselves in the cold, sterile environment of a spaceship.


“Welcome aboard,” X.I.N. greeted, “Access codes, please?”

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