Chapter 23

The Party (Part 7)

With the activist group seen to and no longer a threat Nakaia moved on. She entered the lounge area, hoping to get the Shill job out of the way. She spotted Sage sitting down, staring straight at her as she was approaching the first mark – the guest she would steal from.

Nakaia aborted her action and instead sat down next to the dancer.

“Have we met before?” she asked.

“I don’t know, maybe – I dance at quite a few gigs like this.”

“Yeah, that’s probably it.” Nakaia replied. This woman made her feel uneasy, perhaps I should talk to Alfran about her, she thought to herself before standing up. “Well I’m going for a dance.”

She spotted her second mark, an elderly nobleman wearing a white suit as she was getting up, sitting nearby. As she walked past him she turned back,

“So are you coming?” she asked before continuing on. She could hear the old man excitedly boast about his luck. Nakaia bumped in to the guest nearest the door, the one away from prying eyes.

“My apologies, how clumsy of me.” The guest accepted her apology and carried on dancing, none the wiser that Nakaia was now in possession of his pocket-watch.

  She was followed promptly by the old man, who despite his age was a good dancer. When the song was over, she leaned in close, gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for the dance – leaving him there on the dance-floor, one pocket-watch heavier.

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