Chapter 74

The Glory of the Pit (Part 4)

Oh Crap...The Scorpion approached his foes, while Alfran screamed from within the cage he had been relegated to. The Scorpion cared nothing for friends, the Scorpion had no friends. The only thing the Scorpion had was enemies, and there was one in front of him now.

Royal View“Oh this is going to be fantastic!” laughed Korv excitedly.

Alfran Looks Ready To Kill“Alfran!?!”

“The one you call Alfran is gone. You are speaking to the Scorpion.”

Keth looked upon his friend, the man standing in front of him was a stranger. There was malice in his eyes and he meant to do Keth harm.

“Snap out of it Alfran! This is exactly what he wants!” Keth cried out.

“The Scorpion cares nothing for what people wants, he only cares for what he wants.”

The San’Dreki crouched into an attacking pose and flicked his tail in preparation for the fight that was to come. It would happen within moments unless Keth did something, and he did it fast.

*   *   *

The tone, the ringing of the bell, the signal that the Scorpion could strike. It was all that stood between him and his opponent. He closed his eyes, and breathed in slowly. Soon, soon the blood-letting will begin, soon the Scorpion will be unleashed, soon…

The sound of metal clanging against the ground interrupted the Scorpion’s train of thought and he opened his eyes. His opponent stood in front of him unarmed.

“I will not fight you Alfran. Kill me where I stand if you must, but I will not fight you!”

Alfran thrashed against the bars of his prison, and the Scorpion wavered. Alfran screamed to be released, and the Scorpion listened. Right now, the Scorpion wasn’t needed. Right now, the weak one, the one called Alfran could come out. The Scorpion withdrew, and Alfran relaxed.

A voice bellowed from the Royal Balcony, “Am I to understand that you two will not be fighting each other?”

Both men looked at each other, then in unison they looked up to the balcony and nodded to Korv.

“Very well, open the other gates!”

Doors Flood Open 3

Doors Flood Open 1“Keth?” Alfran said quietly, spinning around to watch each fighter approaching the middle of the arena.

Doors Flood Open 4Doors Flood Open 2Keth watched as the six remaining doors opened up, each one pit-fighter, some more fearsome looking than others. “Yeah?”

Surrounded“I think you should pick up your sword now.”

Keth Eyes Up Opponents 1“Yeah, good idea. What’s the plan now?”

Alfran Eyes Up Opponents 2“Follow my instructions. And don’t die!”

To Be Continued…

– This is the end of Season One. Thank you for reading this far. The start of Season Two will begin after a brief break. –

14 thoughts on “Chapter 74”

  1. Not. Surprising. Korv. And hey, the relief that they didn’t fight each other! Although they certainly won’t make it alive. If not now, then another time. Unless Korv is so impressed or touched that he’ll free them. (Ahem. Probably not gonna happen.)
    And mwahaha, I can read right on! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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