Chapter 77


FitnessI step on to the treadmill as Shaela requested, placing my feet on the framing as Shaela increases the speed. After I place my feet onto the belt and start to run I grab the remote for the TV and flick it on.

Fitness 4“We’re not here for your entertainment! Turn that thing off and run!”

Wow. She’s really taking this training thing seriously. I thought to myself. I must have laughed a little bit as I was thinking that because before I knew it Shaela’s foot was in front of mine and I was careening forward.

Fitness 9Fitness 10Fitness 11“Not so funny now huh?” she chuckled as I slid to the back of the treadmill and landed unceremoniously onto the ground with a solid thud.

Fitness 12

I got to my knees and reached up to my head. I’d hit it hard during my fall and it was painful to touch.

Fitness 13“Now get back on up there and take this seriously or we’re done!” shouted Shaela, her tone fierce, suggesting that to disobey her would be a mistake.

Fitness 2I was on that treadmill as quick as I could manage and Shaela was increasing the speed on the fly. My legs were turning to jelly, and my chest was burning.

Fitness 5“More Leyva! I need more from you!” Shaela demanded. “You are weak, you are slow. A Rockfiend could move quicker than you!”

Fitness 6Fitness 7 Fitness 3I gave it more, just like she asked of me. Although my muscles were screaming for me to stop I kept going. And just when I thought I couldn’t take another minute…

Fitness 8“Okay, you can stop now.”

Fitness 14I stopped the machine, and waited until it was completely stopped before I jumped off.

“Is that it?” I asked, puffing heavily.

Shaela just laughed at me, shook her head and pointed me towards the weights-machine. Oh crap.

Fitness 15 First it was the legs. I couldn’t believe we were still working on the legs! She made me held the weights for as long as I could at the end of each set, it was torture. She kept at this until I could not lift another weight.

Fitness 16 Fitness 17 Fitness 18She moved me onto the overhead bar to do some lat pulldowns. The screaming continued, as she ridiculed me for my poor form. Before long my arms and my back were as equally destroyed as my legs.

Fitness 19“How are you feeling?” Shaela asked me as I stood up from the machine, legs unsteady, a glistening sheen of sweat covering my face.

“I’m fine.” I said stubbornly. Every muscle in my body was crying out in agony but I wanted to appear strong.

Shaela smiled. “Good. Get to the heavy bag.”

Fitness 20I put my gloves on, and struggled to even lift that weight as my muscles refused to work.

“Push through the pain!” Shaela yelled.

Fitness 23That was easy for her to say, she wasn’t the one with busted muscles. My punches were weak, barely even moving the bag.

Fitness 25“Follow through with your hips! Don’t just use your arms!”

Fitness 26“And keep your eye on your target! I see you close your eyes again and I’ll be the one hitting you!”

Fitness 24 Fitness 22I was beyond exhaustion, yet my anger kept me going. I was furious at Shaela, yet I understood enough that she wasn’t doing this to embarrass me or prove how superior she was, she was helping. So I persevered.

Fitness 29“I bet you’re wishing bloody murder on me right now aren’t you?”

I kept quiet, striking the bag weakly once more.

“Answer me!” shouted Shaela, demanding that I look at her.

I narrowed my eyes at her, and let out a single word. “Yes!”

“Good! Now show me how much, hit that bag!”

Fitness 27Fitness 28I swung as hard as I could, my eyes remained open and I followed through with my hips, just like she wanted me too. The bag didn’t budge.

“Pathetic!” Shaela spat. “We’re done.”

ExhaustionI dropped the gloves where I stood and stepped back. The exhaustion hit me like a juggernaut, one yawn and I was finished.

Exhaustion 2 Exhaustion 3I collapsed onto the chamber floor and Shaela just laughed at me. “See you tomorrow princess.” before walking off, leaving me alone on the floor.

Exhaustion 4“I hate you Red!” I called out weakly as I watched her stride away.

“I told you, you would.” chuckled Shaela as she exited the room and closed the chamber door behind her.

Exhaustion 5It was half an hour before I had enough strength to move. I dragged myself out of the chamber and found a meal laid out for me on the dining table. I wolfed it down, famished after the days workout.

Exhaustion 6I sat down on the couch. This was as far as my body would go. As I yawned once more and lay down I thought to myself, I have never been in so much pain, yet felt so alive in my life.

Exhaustion 7


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