Chapter 121

– 00:25:33:57 –


“Jump to Mars deep orbit complete, what are my new orders?” X.I.N. asked over the ship’s speakers.


“Locate any non-terrans on Terra and relay the information to me,” I replied as I took the ship’s controls and steered the ship away from the red planet towards the system’s interior asteroid belt.

“Several groups of non-terrans located, mum!”


“Report!” I said as I stood up, satisfied with the current course we were heading.

“A single Xaabosian signature has been detected leaving Terra’s orbit.”


That would be the one responsible for this whole mess, I thought to myself, “Record the ships GPS, name and jump trajectory for future use, next group.”


“Three signatures are detected just outside Oasis Springs; satellite imagery also shows a fourth deceased non-human amongst this group.”

 Not good, “Show me!”


The satellite photo appeared onscreen and it showed the Helsian, the princess and a young Xaabosian I did not know, the body of the Orrix lay in the backseat of a wrecked car.


“Record GPS location and move on to the next group,” I ordered, wanting to get all the information before jumping into things.

“The final group consists of a single Xaabosian, a child of mixed blood and a San’Dre-”


“Lock those coordinates in!” I shouted, instantly, the coordinates appeared on my HUD and I transferred them to the first Molecular Transporter, “As soon as I’m gone, position the ship so that it is hidden within the Asteroid Belt but has a clear shot on these coordinates, keep the weapons hot!”


I didn’t bother to wait for an answer, I pushed the button on the transporter and disintegrated into small fragments of code, instantly appearing upon the roof of a Xaabosian base.


Below me, I saw only chaos, a raging fire burned where rockets should’ve been, and standing only a few feet away from the Xaabosian and a child was the last Bounty Hunter.


Without hesitation, I jumped down from the roof, three stories up and landed with a mighty thud that the surface cracked beneath me. It was time to play the hero once more.


I stood up casually and barked an order that I prayed she would ignore, “Leave now, while you still have the chance.”



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