Chapter 28

The Assassin (Part 2)

Shaela obliged, and charged the assassin, roaring in fury as she unleashed a flurry of brutal yet reckless attacks. Sage side-stepped the first attack, blocked the second and spun away from the third before striking with her tail – it was only instinct that saved Shaela, she turned her body at just the last moment and a blow that was meant to sever her spinal cord just grazed her along her shoulder blade.

The nanites that were inside her Helsian tattoo went to work, shocking her with electricity to close up the wound. She cursed herself for being a fool, she allowed her emotions to get the better of her. Was she really that surprised that Korv had planned this, that his actions earlier in the evening were all just a ruse? But to try and kill Leyva as well, that was what really tipped the scales.

“I’ll consider that a free hit, are you ready to fight now?” mocked the San’Dreki.

Shaela just nodded and this time it was Sage he attacked. She feigned with her tail, Shaela cautious not to look at it, for risk of becoming entranced. Before connecting Shaela  with her fist, a solid blow to her ribcage. Shaela heard a few of her bones crack – a rare thing to happen to Helsian bone, the womans hand must have been made of metal.

Having a weapon she couldn’t look at while it tried to kill you was a hard task, but she had trained for such things, deep within the Helsian mines where there was no light. She focused her efforts on the woman’s eyes, careful to close her own when she tried to lure her with her tail.

She was a tremendous fighter, every attack that Shaela launched she was able to defend. There was only one thing left she could think to do, she didn’t think that she could defeat her in a stand-up fight. Shaela charged forward once more in a frontal assault. Sage smiled as she approached, sensing victory. As Shaela neared she lashed out with her tail.

Something deep within Shaela burst free those last moments. She picked up speed as she was in mid-air, turning in to fragments of Sky-Shard dust and materializing just in front of Sage, her iron-hard fist connected with the woman’s face. She felt a mix of bones breaking and metal buckling under the shear force of her blow.

Sage looked up, shock in her eyes as she fell to her knees. As she lay on the ground, her life-force slowly ebbing away, she looked up in to Shaela’s eyes and smiled. “How’s your wound grey one?”

She hadn’t thought anything about it. But now it felt as if it were on fire, a wave of nausea passed through Shaela and she stumbled.

“Poison-Ducts in the tail, a fairly cheap implant but rarely used.” Sage laughed. Shaela closed in on the dying San’Dreki and brought her foot down on to the assassin’s skull, ending her life. As she stood there, the dead woman’s body disintegrated and blew away in to the wind.

“Red!” cried out Leyva as she ran towards Shaela.

Shaela tried to turn around but the poison coursing through her veins caused her to collapse. She looked up one last time to her friend, smiled and thought to herself at least Leyva is safe, before her vision blurred and the darkness claimed her.


20 thoughts on “Chapter 28”

    1. I’m not gunna lie, I cried a little when I wrote that part. It was a mix of splatter and Shaela’s mysterious action.

      That’s the kind of photo that I’ll spend hours editing. Th end result isn’t hard to get (it’s all an automated action) but setting up that action can take numerous takes to get the right feel.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Phew. I prepared myself for a standoff or even a Sage victory, now the first case has become reality and I think this is the only way that fight could have ended. As much as I wished it I just couldn’t see Shaela win under the current circumstances. *sniff*
    Great work on the pictures! What a luck that Shaela (and photoshop) can do the splatter trick! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. another fantastic cliffhanger. That battle description was one of the best I’ve read in Simlit and in general. Fight scenes are not my strong suit. I’m impressed. Oh no…. Shaela…. I hope she lives. Honestly I wonder what the employer’s motive was other than hating her. If Sage failed, which she did sort of, wouldn’t this all blow back on him, especially since he practically confessed? Your graphics are amazing too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed that fight scene! Korv’s motivations were mainly hatred mixed in with a hint of ambition – it was a smart gamble, if it had paid off, he would’ve actually gotten 3 kills for the price of two, as the Helsian’s would’ve executed Jett, maybe four kills as I’m sure that the Emperor would not have handled both his children’s death well at all!

      Sage “had” a reputation of never failing. He felt safe in admitting his guilt as he saw no reason to hold back, the job would get done and he could pick up the pieces afterwards. Maybe after a little bit of hiding while the cards fell in to place.


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