Chapter 25

The Party (Part 9)

Sage loved to mix business with pleasure, her employer lay on the bed exhausted. They had entered the room to discuss business in private and she saw no reason to waste a perfectly decent bed.

“You understand what needs to be done?” her employer asked.

“Of course.”

“Good. There has been a change of plans.”

“There always is.” Sage smiled as she started to put on her clothes.

“I want you to kill them both. I saw one of them head to the roof, I will arrange the other one to meet her there.”

Sage raised her eyebrows at that, “So public murder is off the agenda then?”

“I don’t care how you do it any more, I just want them dead!”

“Consider it done” Sage started to leave the room, “Oh and one last thing, two kills, that’s extra.”

Her employer laughed, “It always is.”


11 thoughts on “Chapter 25”

    1. Yeah. I sort of put the carrot in front of the readers eyes with her. I kind of wanted to suggest that even though Nakaia is this amazing spy, sometimes when you have a full plate, you can’t get to everything.


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