Chapter 152

– Time to Grieve –





“Okay, buddy,” I said as I closed the cover to the A.I. Core and turned it back on, “Time to wake up.”


“Greetings, Master Rene, I see that you have uploaded a new personality to my database, would you like me to use this one going forward?”


I’d discussed this with the others prior to our departure, and we all agreed that having X.I.N. use Galvex’s personality might boost the morale of the team.




Galvex remained silent as we reached escape velocity and broke through Sixam’s atmosphere. When we were out of the planets orbit, he finally opened his mouth.


“So, where to now?”


“Plot a course to Xaabos and prepare us for jump speed!” ordered Samla who had taken the helm of the ship.


“Initiating self-destruct in T-minus ten.










“Six. Five. Four.”




“Three. Two. One. Zero.”




“Coffee is ready. Prepare for either jump speed or all the airlocks opening up, I haven’t quite decided yet.”


Author’s Notes:

And this concludes the end of Season Two of Ironbound with a bit of Galvex sass! Thank you to all my readers that have followed me along this journey, I know that it got pretty intense near the end there so thanks for sticking with me!


I’ll be taking a longish break from Ironbound while I focus on my STRIKE! story, but I definitely plan to return to my band of crazy aliens!


8 thoughts on “Chapter 152”

  1. Galvex! Good call guys, lol… they like, “omg, we in no mood for yo shit”
    But they kinda are 😈
    Aww, Alfran 💔
    Looking forward to season 3 after the SUPER IMPORTANT BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIP 👀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, they love the snark of Galvex! 😀 It’s especially refreshing after the near destruction of a planet and the loss of a few friends!

      Alfran was so sad! 😦 Sage was sad that she missed him too!

      Haha! That description of the bowling league reminded me of the game show in Saints Row 3 called Super Ethical Reality Climax 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m so happy that you enjoyed it!
      I’m glad that you enjoyed the ending. I felt that most of the scenes didn’t need narration, but I really wanted to end the season on a bit of Galvex sass! 😀


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