Chapter 91



“Where are you taking me?” asked Jett as Vynette led him deeper into the mountain.


It was pitch-black, had been for some time now, the sky-lights that had been drilled into the mountain were miles behind them, but his eyes had adjusted to the lack of light and he could clearly see the Helsian woman turn to face him, her beautiful green eyes shining like cut emeralds that caught the sunlight.


“A place I used to go to as a kid.” was all she said. She gave him a smile before turning back around to guide him to this mysterious location.


Damn, I could look at that smile all day, he thought as he watched Vynette gracefully navigate the darkness in front of her, his gaze shifted to her backside, same with that arse.


“Are you staring at my arse again?”


Oh crap! “Umm…”


Vynette laughed, “As long as you are focusing on something and not getting lost I don’t care.”


They continued on in silence for some time, Jett content to avoid his embarrassment and focus on following his guide. He was well beyond his knowledge of Helsia Deep, this mountain was massive, and the Helsian’s had mainly built up, down this far, and it reminded them of their slavery, down here was the sky-shard mines.


A red glow pulsed nearby and Jett turned to face it.


He was looking into a vast cavern filled with gigantic red crystals; each one glowing in unison, he took a step towards them, crossing the threshold of the cavern, amazed at the beauty of them.


The crystals pulsed quicker now as Jet drew nearer, it felt as if the air about him was being sucked away, almost like the mountain was taking a deep breath, curious as to what would happen next; just as Jett was curious himself, he reached out to touch one of the crystals and…


“Jett don’t!” Vynette cried out in alarm, grabbing Jett’s arm and pulling him violently away from the red crystals, he crashed into her and she held him tight.


He looked up into her eyes and smiled, “If you wanted to hold me, you just needed to ask.”


Vynette scoffed and shoved him towards the entrance to the cavern. “Stupid Gronyx-head! Don’t go doing anything like that again!”


His face flushed as he thought about his rebuffed flirtation. He wanted nothing more than to crawl under a rock and hide, but that feeling was gone in an instant as Vynette smiled at him and gestured that they leave this cavern, swiftly.


“What were those things?” he asked.


“They are a remnant from an ancient time.” Vynette replied, “Pray that they never return. Now try to keep up, we don’t have far to go now.”


Jett nodded his head and waited for Vynette to start off again. He turned back one more time to look at the crystals, they continued to pulse, except their pattern had changed, they were more angry-looking.


As he turned away and started to follow Vynette, he swore that he heard the crystals speak to him; a single, ominous word.


– DIE –


12 thoughts on “Chapter 91”

  1. Those crystals are evil. I mean, they would be if they were people. They are! Evil, not people. Really, really evil. 😦 I wonder if they’ve appeared because Jett belongs to the Helsian’s old enemies and is in realms holding kind of a curse from the Helsian past? If that’s where they were held as slaves…

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