Chapter 64

Dinner at the Goth’s (Part 4)

Bella and Nakaia met up with the others in the living room. By the looks of it they had already had a few drinks and were dancing away happily.

Dancing At Bella'sEven Galvex was dancing, and he had some pretty good moves too. And it was at this point that Alexander finally spotted Samla. She had just entered the room and was standing behind the crunking Galvex.

Boogie On Down Galvy“She’s here mom!” exclaimed Alexander, “She’s even prettier than you mom!”

Dancing At Bella's 2“Alright dear, enough of that.” Bella complained.

“I’m just saying.” Alexander raced over to Samla and threw his arms around her.

Alex Hugs SamlaSamla Hugs Alex Back“Hey kiddo!” Samla laughed cheerfully, wrapping her arms around the young lad. “Long time no see.”

Alexander made a face, “It was only yesterday.”

“Still, that’s a long time between friends right?” Samla asked.

“Right!” Alexander agreed. He grabbed Samla by the hand, “Let me show you my hideout.”

“Lead the way.”

Alex Shows Samla Around 4Alexander almost dragged Samla outside, who was smiling the whole way. Before long they reached the roof and Alexander pointed down to a tarp that was fixed to the rooftop.

Alex Shows Samla Around“Here it is.”

“Here what is?” asked Samla, more than a little bit confused.

Alex Shows Samla Around 2“My hideout, it’s invisible.” replied the boy.

“Ah, I see now. My hideout is invisible too.”

Alexander jumped for joy, “I knew it! That spaceship I saw flying over Oakenstead. That was yours wasn’t it?”

Samla nodded, “Your a smart boy. Now does your invisible hideout happen to have a bathroom? I’m busting to go!”

Alexander laughed, “No. Sadly mom won’t allow invisible plumbing in her house.”

“I don’t know why she wouldn’t. Could you show me the way to a bathroom? I’d get lost inside your house.”

Alex Shows Samla Around 3

“Sure thing, follow me!”

*   *   *

Nakaia noticed a red light flashing on her wrist console. She moved aside for a bit of privacy and saw one message awaiting her.

[ The bird has flown the coop. Supplies at Twin Oracle Point. Courtesy of a ‘friend’. – Xenglo ]

Nakaia sighed, she hated keeping secrets from friends. It was bad enough that Shaela had figured it out. At least he hadn’t stranded us here, those supplies will be enough to build our base of operations here on Terra, she thought to herself as she joined the party once more.

*   *   *

“Ladies, enough playing around in the pool.” Bella commanded, “Get changed and meet me out the back in fifteen.”

Bella Tells Girls To Get Changed And Meet Her Out Back“What do you suppose that was about?” asked Leyva as she hopped out of the pool and grabbed her towel.

“Beats me.” replied Nakaia.

Shaela laughed, shoving Nakaia into the pool “Liar!”

Nakaia come up without even a splutter and smirked. “You heard the lady, go get changed.”

*   *   *

Following BellaFifteen minutes later and everyone was present. Bella guided them to a portion of the garden that looked empty, but when they got closer an invisibility field de-materialized to show a set of stairs leading down into the rocks themselves.

“Follow me.”

Descending the Stairs 2Everyone did as Bella asked. Descending those stairs two flights until they reached a locked door.

At The Chamber Door“Whoa, this is weird!” murmured Leyva as Bella entered in a code on the keypad and lowered her head for a retina-scan.

The door unlocked with a thunk and slid silently open. Inside they saw a living quarters.

Living Quarters 1Living Quarters 2Bella kept walking over to another security door and keyed in another code. This one opened with just the code and she led them inside to a vast, bright chamber.

Bella Leads Them In To The Chamber“What is this place?” asked Shaela, in awe of the size of this room.

“I know what this is.” said Leyva as she turned to Shaela with excitement. This is the Bonding Chamber!”

The Bonding ChamberThe Bonding Chamber 2


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