Chapter 45

Heat Rising (Part 5)

Emperor Saarang awoke with a start. He’d had one of those dreams where he felt that someone was watching him. That someone was in this very room.

He was being paranoid. His chambers were well guarded, no one would enter unannounced. Yet even upon waking he had that feeling of dread.

“Hello uncle.” whispered a familiar voice menacingly.

Emperor Saarang tried to turn around but felt a strong arm hold him in place as the knife that Korv was holding smoothly slipped past the old man’s ribcage and lanced through his heart. Korv let the emperor go and watched him stumble.

“H- How?”

“How did I get past your guards?” finished Korv with a twisted smile on his face. “That part was easy. You do remember you sent me here as a child, because you didn’t have time to deal with an angry grieving boy, don’t you?”

Korv paced back and forth in front of the emperor as the old man knelt there dying.

“Seven years you left me here with that San’Dreki scum and his useless tin can. In that time I learnt all its secrets, see I never left this place. You were searching for me but I was right under your nose.”

The emperor coughed, and blood sprayed out on to the white marble floor.

“My forces are already outside. And I have disabled your precious defences. Good bye old man.” Korv laughed.

Saarang collapsed to floor and his breathing grew shallower. His vision blurred and narrowed to a pinprick.

“No hard feelings,” Korv snarled “You were just in the way.” he left the emperor to die on that cold marble floor and disappeared back in to whatever secret passage he came from.

“Your Imperial Majesty! Wake up, Alfran has spotted forces appro-”

Admiral Davi arrived just in time to confirm Saarang’s worst fears. Korv was telling the truth, and everyone in this palace will die. As she knelt down to inspect the emperors wounds he uttered three words.

“Get everyone out.”

The last thing that he saw, in crystal clarity was the faceless visage of the angel of death as his mighty scythe reaped down to claim his soul.

21 thoughts on “Chapter 45”

    1. Yeah, he’s a rash and impulsive individual, but he can see the larger picture. He knew that no one but him knew about those secret tunnels, so he used that to his advantage. I bet he was chaffing at the bit inside there though!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ooh, hey, Korv is pretty smart. I like that in a villain. And in the heroes as well, and in fact, everyone in this has been pretty smart so far. 🙂 Also yay for Death making an appearance! It’s always nice to see him, though of course it sadly means that someone has to die. Sorry, good old Emperor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Korv is pretty smart, if he doesn’t let his hot-headedness get in the way that is.
      Yeah, most people I’ve written about have shown themselves to be smart in various ways, I guess that Leyva is the one that has shown the least of this, but that is because of her upbringing, she is exceptionally naive, but that is changing!
      Sadly, people often need to die to advance a story 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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