Chapter 34

Recovery? (Part 6)

The emperor sat down next to his daughter. Her eyes were red and puffy, she had barely left Shaela’s side since the incident.

“Galvex, any news on Shaela?” he asked the servo-bot.

“She is no longer responding to my shock treatment. I fear that it’s up to her now.”

“Well continue anyway. I do not want to give the impression that we gave up.”

“She’ll pull through.” snapped Leyva, “She has to pull through.”

The emperor cleared his throat. “I have brought you all here for a reason. Or should I say, Nakaia has. Go ahead Nakaia, give us your report.”

Nakaia leaned forward in her chair. “We have found Korv.”

“This is good news isn’t it?” asked Leyva, “We can capture him an-”

“Please, daughter.” begged Saarang, “Let Nakaia finish.”

Nakaia gave the princess a quick smile before continuing her report. “He is holed up at the Imperial Palace. I’m afraid that his treachery runs deeper than the assassination attempt. He stormed the palace with a large force, he has over half the Xaabosian military behind him.”

The emperor nodded his understanding. He knew that his decision to end the war with the Helsian’s had been an unpopular one, but treason, and now by the looks of it, a civil war.

“I want you off-planet.” he said to his daughter.

“I’m not leaving Red!”

“Then I will have to convince Khemir to allow her to travel with you. Is it safe to move her Galvex?”

“Probably not, but it is safer than staying here. This place is no where near as defensible as the Imperial Palace.”

“Then it is decided. Nakaia, I want you to go too.”

“I should be with you Your Majesty.” she argued.

“Probably. But I need someone I can trust to look after my little girl. Is that understood?”

“Of course.”

“Good.” The emperor stood up, “Galvex, prepare Shaela for moving. I will holo Khemir now, and once done I will organize a crew to take you off-world.”

The emperor left the room with a heavy heart. One child was at the mercy of his old enemy, his fate determined by the fate of Shaela. The other child he was sending away, for her own safety, but it didn’t hurt any less. Was this to be his legacy?


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