Chapter 94


I didn’t have much time, this Calm was shorter than most, but I still had enough time to marvel at the beauty of the Tech Gardens as I made my way to my private hangar.


This was where I met Torbyn and my whole life changed. Even though the memory of that encounter and his eventual betrayal still stung, it could not taint the beauty of this place.


The gardens had changed since that time, so long ago that I can barely recognise the place, perhaps that is for the best, I thought as I stared at the spot where I gave myself to Torbyn. Unexpectedly, his face appeared in the optics of my cybernetic eye.


I banished his image immediately and entered my private hangar to take in the sight of my most prized possession, an X-67 Night Shrike.



A small one to two-person warbird capable of jump speeds and equipped with experimental stealth technology, Dark Matter Torpedoes, and Plasrail Cannons that are banned in most quadrants of the galaxy and some of the neighbouring galaxies.


This ship would take me to Terra where I had unfinished business. I smiled wickedly as I thought of the two lives that I would extinguish.


That would set things right for me. Soon, I thought to myself, soon I will end you and a new Sage will be born.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 94”

  1. Wow. What gorgeous scenery! And that ship!

    Um…who are those people she is going to terminate on Terra? *pammie arches one eyebrow* And oh…Torbyn…mmmm…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Most of that scenery is just base-game San Myshuno! 🙂 I put a link to the ship in a previous comment, gotta give props where props are due! 😀

      Well, Winter and Io of course! 😀


      1. Hehe, yeah. Still having that picture of her as a Rockfiend in my head. Never going to get rid of it again! *laughs*
        Hey, I was right about Sage being the sweet young San’Dreki girl! It makes me happy! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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