Chapter 1

Introductions (Part 1)

Princess Leyva was excited. It would be her birthday  in a few days and her father was throwing her an extravagant party to celebrate. It was almost certainly a ploy to sway her decision when it was time to choose a bond later that evening.

The bond was a Xaabosian tradition amongst the royalty. They would choose a member of the citizenry to become their personal guard, the citizen would be elevated to minor nobility and be required to go through a neural-link with their new charge.

As she casually strolled through her father’s water-garden she thought about the bond. She wanted to choose her friend Shaela but she knew that if she did so, it would send ripples through the entire empire. Shaela was Helsian, the last race to join the Xaabosian Empire – and it took her family over a six-hundred years to do so. Most citizens hated Helsian’s, lost family members to them during the wars. She couldn’t choose Shaela, as much as it pained her to admit it, she just couldn’t.

“Cousin!” Princess Leyva looked up to find her insufferable cousin, Korv heading her way. He was holding those two swords that he loved to carry around.

“Korv. To what do I owe the pleasure?” she asked with her most sincere fake smile.

“Where is you pet? We were supposed to spar earlier and she didn’t show.”

“She’s not my pet.” the princess snapped, “She’s my friend. And I don’t know where she is!”

Korv scoffed, “Friend? She can’t be your friend, she’s Helsian! They’re nothing more than just animals.”

“You’re just pissy because she always beats you at swordplay.” Princess Leyva held up her hand to stop Korv’s reply. “I have no time for this, cousin. Kindly get out of my way or I’ll tell Shaela not to go easy on you next time you fight.”

She stormed off, leaving behind an angry, and slightly bewildered Korv. That little exchange just made her want to choose Shaela even more. But she knew she couldn’t. Just like she knew exactly where she was – at the Molten Sea, no doubt picking fights with Rockfiends.

37 thoughts on “Chapter 1”

  1. Feels good to be back here! I remember the first time I was reading this, I was so curious about who the main character was going to be at this point. I’ve promised myself I will not rush this time around and really take it all in rather then binge impatiently because of all the cliffhangers. Let’s see how I hold up haha!

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  2. You blog looks great and definitely ties in with the sci fi theme. The first chapter is great and I can see there is some class conflicts here. I do hope she is able to choose her friend, it would be a shame if she couldn’t.

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  3. Hey!! Dancer-freak from the sims forums here. I like this start 😀 You gave lots of backstory to pull the reader in but sort of left us asking questions – I like that style! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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  4. cathtea was right. its awesome.

    she said worth the read when i freaked out at the length. i’ll try and read a little each day.
    i love that the female charater is the strong figure though. usually the male is the tough one.

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    1. Hey, it’s alright, there are so many amazing stories out there and we’re all writers first and readers second. 🙂 I’m happy that you’re enjoying it, hope that you continue to do so as you carry on with your Ironbound adventure! 😀


  5. This is an amazing beginning. I’ve read some chapters before, but it’s been awhile. I love your graphics. I can tell you spent a lot of time on the edits and with the cc. Gorgeous shots. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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    1. Thank you! The palace took a while to set up to my liking, replacing all the base-game decorations with a few Sci-Fi ones. I’m glad that you like it and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay! 😀


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