Chapter 81


Korv watched from above as the battle began. He grinned as he saw only one outcome, the San’Dreki woman was unexpected, but that just meant one more death to sate the crowd.

Charging MaulAlfran Takes On Two

Without much warning, the battle began. Three of the fighters charged forward with swords in hand. The one in the hospital gown and bunny slippers raced towards Keth with murderous intent, whilst Alfran seemed to have his hands full with the other two.

Sage Vs. The Minotaur

The woman had engaged what looked to be the toughest of the lot, a fierce looking Minotaur with cybernetic eyes and razor-sharp claws. He was quicker than he appeared, but she was easily able to evade his attacks.

Keth Throws Katana

As Bunny-Man closed the gap, laughing like a madman, Keth leaned back and threw his sword at the advancing psychopath.

Darth Maul Dead

It was an attack that Bunny-Man wasn’t expecting, the sword pierced the man’s chest with tremendous force, an explosion of blood escaping as the tip erupted from his back. He coughed up blood as he cackled away, seemingly amused by his unexpected demise. He slumped forward, laughed once more and collapsed to the floor, dead.

Alfran Uses Tail To Charm His Foes

Alfran, veteran of hundreds of battles just like this pulled on all his experience and used his tail to charm the two men that were charging him. Without a second thought they veered away from the San’Dreki and attacked each other.

Sage Vs. The Minotaur 3Sage Vs. The Minotaur 2

The San’Dreki woman’s battle with the Minotaur was still going. She had been unable to land more than a glancing blow, cautious of the creatures powerful strikes and vice-like grip. It was evident however that the Minotaur was tiring and it wouldn’t be long before she would finish it off if she remained careful.

Slap Happy Alien

Keth was swiftly assaulted by the Deadite, who was content to attack him in an old fashioned scuffle.

Old Fashioned ScuffleOld Fashioned Scuffle 2

Mind you, there was nothing old fashioned about it. The Deadite, used some sort of smoke bomb to his advantage, and was able to land numerous blows to Keth while shrouded inside the choking mist.

Alfran's Foes Kill Each Other

Alfran was able to defeat his opponents without even striking a blow, testament to the danger of a San’Dreki’s tail.

Minotaur Dead

The intruder was able to finish off the Minotaur without much struggle. Leaving only the Deadite to deal with. Korv could see that the Helsian was struggling, the mist taking as much a toll on his body as the strikes from his opponent.

Sage Kills Slap Happy Alien with One Punch

The woman took the opportunity to sneak up behind the Deadite and struck him a single blow to his spine. He tensed up as if shocked by electricity, and collapsed to the arena floor convulsing. She casually walked over to the man, placed her foot over his neck and twisted violently, snapping the his neck and ending his life.

Korv was furious, how did this happen? The fight had barely started and the three of them were still standing. He didn’t trust himself to talk, he wouldn’t have been heard over the roar of the crowd anyway. He just sat there, seething, and waited to see what would happen below.

What Now

The victors walked to the centre of the arena and smiled.

“What now?” asked Alfran, pleased that they had all made it out in one piece.

Sage smirked as she lashed out with her tail, catching both of them with the tip.

“Now, you die.” she laughed.

Keth Dies

Alfran was enraged by the betrayal, but he should have expected it. He watched as Keth collapsed before him and Sage watched with that same smirk on her face.

Alfran Is Mad. Keth Is Dead

As the poison worked it’s way through Alfran body he turned to face Sage.

Alfran's Last View

“Why!?!” he shouted. He never got an answer, she just smiled as he fell backwards. As his vision blurred and the pain of the poison started to numb, Alfran received a message through his optics HUD. It said just two words.

Trust me.

16 thoughts on “Chapter 81”

  1. *ninjapig rolls and cheers* We’re so happy to see your update! And what an update it was. I had to close her eyes a few times where it got graphic! Super epic battles…I could sense the adrenaline rush of it all just from your words! And those screenshots are amazing!

    Oh wow, I can’t wait to see what Sage plans to do! I hope that she really does intend to help them…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bunny-Man is such a frightening name that I was cracked up during all the fight. Alfran’s strategy didn’t really ameliorate that. Wait, did I say I was cracked up? Of course I meant I was hiding and biting my nails?!

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