Chapter 82


Nakaia Arrives Home 1

Nakaia arrived home after a busy day. It was done, the neighbourhood was theirs. All empty lots now, but there was potential for expansion if she deemed it necessary.

Nakaia Arrives Home 2

She had hoped to persuade the businessman to sell the land through a large sum of money and a little bit of female wiles, but sadly the man wasn’t interested. She wished that she didn’t have to use her voice but she saw no other way, she sang, and the man sold.

Nakaia Relaxing 2Nakaia Relaxing 2

Before she went to work on overseeing the construction of their base, she needed a drink. She turned on the news to see what was current events on this planet. War, greed, selfishness… It was the same as back home, yet what she was seeing here was what she witnessed back at home during her youth. She could see a pattern to it, she knew there was a single driving force behind it, if only she knew what it was she could snuff it out. But that was task for another day, it was time for her rounds.

Nakaia Doing the Rounds 2Nakaia Doing the Rounds 3

First place the was engineering wing, which was a glorified term for storage shed. This was where things were thrown to be dealt with and placed later. Orion still worked from here when he wasn’t tinkering on the rockets. How he could work in this light was a mystery to Nakaia.

Nakaia Doing the Rounds 4

Next it was the reactor room. The barriers were up so it was safe to walk around the catwalk, Nakaia loved the sound of the reactor cores humming away, it meant life. She walked over to the windows and looked outside.

Nakaia Doing the Rounds 5

Orion was working diligently on the first rocket. They had their first hiccup in the construction not too long ago, the rocket silos had been built with completed rockets in mind, but they didn’t fit the building frames that were required to craft them. An oversight that Orion was most embarrassed about.

Nakaia Doing the Rounds 6

It wasn’t really a problem. Once completed they could easily use a crane to lower the rocket into the silo. Besides, they had two years to work with, plenty of time to construct four rockets capable of Sixam flight.

Nakaia Doing the Rounds 7Rocket Silo

She moved down into Mission Control A, the room which would manage the pre-flight sequences of the rocket that Orion was currently building. She peered out the window down into the silo and smiled. They had come a long way in such a short time, Galvex had been surprisingly helpful in getting things done. I wonder where that bot is now? Nakaia thought to herself as she went out to find her answer.

Galvex Sleeping While Gaming

Nakaia found him in the combat simulator, fast asleep. She laughed when she saw that even asleep he was performing at an above average rate.

Orion WorkingNakaia Doing the Rounds 1

“How’s the rocket coming along Orion?” Nakaia asked as she approached the mechanic.

Orion ignored her as he carried on working, a sure sign that things were going well.

Nakaia Working

Nakaia went up to her workstation to check her XIN database for any news from Xaabos.

“Samla, can you come here?” she asked through her earpiece.

Nakaia Working 2

When she noticed the young soldier next to her she pointed at the large screen above her. Plans of the telescope that was on the roof were on the screen.

“Can you calibrate the telescope to operate automatically and to pick up targets?”

“Well I can, but it would get done quicker if you got Orion or Rene to do it.” Samla replied.

“I didn’t ask them, I asked you.” Nakaia said forcefully, “How long will it take?”

“Two days.” Nakaia’s tone didn’t phase Samla, she was a soldier and was used to people talking that way to her.

“Perfect. See that it is done.”

“If you don’t mind me speaking out of turn. You look concerned?”

Nakaia smiled, “You see these two data points? They’re jump-capable ships that left Xaabos space during a Calm.”

“That’s… Not normal.”

“No. It is not. Now start working on the telescope please, it may be nothing, but we may be getting company soon, and I’d like to not be caught with our pants down!”

Samla WorkingSamla Working 2

Samla excused herself and went off the work on the telescope. Nakaia stood up herself and walkout outside. There was nothing more she could do today, everyone had their tasks and were performing them at optimal capacity. Now all she had left to do was to name their base.

Vengeance Point

“Vengeance Point” will do nicely, she thought to herself as she peered up to the massive structure that was standing before her. Yes, it will do nicely indeed.


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