Chapter 40

Heat Rising (Part 2)

Saarang walked the courtyard with his steward. The news of Pyroxius’s arrival had rocked him to the core. He was so certain that he had time to move to a more secure location to mount his campaign against his nephew.

“We have just under two months to make this place a defensible position, is it possible Alfran?” asked the emperor, but he already knew the answer.

“No. The only thing that we will have time and resources for is to build a wall to surround the palace and maybe some defensive bunkers in the courtyard if we are lucky.”

Emperor Saarang looked out to the wall, then back to the courtyard and sighed. The landscaping of this place was centuries old. The flora was of no concern to him, they would die during the Hot Summer anyway – it was the fountains, the statues, the cobbled flooring, all part of his family legacy. All about to be demolished.

“Start making the plans Alfran, and see if you can get in touch with Admiral Davi for me?”

Two months was not enough time, but hopefully, just hopefully they would be able to put up enough defences to make Korv think twice about attacking. Hope is for the weak, you must take what you hope for by force! One of his fathers sayings, he could hear him speaking those very words with a sneer.

“Oh do shut up father, even in death you are an annoying twat!”

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