Chapter 50

En Route (Part 5)

Leyva’s POV

I AM SOOOOO BORED. There isn’t much to do on the ship other than play chess, but Shaela is too good and she beats me every time. Not that the company isn’t any good, it’s just… I don’t know.

Shaela told me about the garden. Not a real garden of course, we are on board a bloody spaceship after all. But it gave me a respite from my daily chess drubbing.

The ships A.I. sometimes generates a cow-plant that I like to call Betsy. We’re friends, or at least as much as you can be with something that isn’t real.

The last time I saw her she snapped at me. I don’t think she meant to, it was probably a glitch in the program (stupid ship), but it has made me rethink my thoughts about chess. Better losing to Red than losing an arm.

On the bright side, we land in about a weeks time. Then Red & I can start the bonding procedure. I can’t wait!

I hope everything is alright at home.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 50”

  1. She’s so cute but in comparison to Shaela and everyone else she reminds me so much of a child… She’ll have to grow up soon and fast if she wants to survive. That would make Shaela’s job a lot easier, too

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