Chapter 108

– 00:59:59:99 –


A familiar but distant presence snapped me out of my meditation.


“No! That’s impossible!?!” I shouted, even though nobody could hear my cries.


Norpheos, God of Endings, Suffering and Eternal Darkness had found a way to accelerate his return.


We were not ready. Only myself, Kronath, God of Motion and Peace, and my lover, Nirri, Goddess of War and Impossible Odds, were close to returning, the others still slumbered. It wasn’t close to being enough, but perhaps with the aid of the mortals… A bizarre thought just popped into my head…


Who do Gods pray to, when everything seemed lost?

14 thoughts on “Chapter 108”

  1. Just to avoid any confusion, the titles are the countdown timer that Bigfellow started in the Chapter: Countdown. The times displayed in Hours, Minute, Seconds, Milliseconds and are the time that is remaining as at the start of each chapter until the conclusion of this story arc. I hope you enjoy the chaos!

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    1. Thanks! I stuck him in a small, sealed off room and decorated the wall with Galaxy Wallpaper, and used a similar ground to try and get an “Endless” feel to the place.

      I used the Studio Effects Player to get the Reaper Smoke, Mist and Incense Smoke to bring out the final look for the place.

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    1. Yeah, I liked that question, it just popped into my head while I was writing and I just had to use it!

      Haha! Is it because they’re so long? Because they won’t always use their titles in the story, only when introducing themselves.

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      1. Yeah, maybe it is their length lol. But, I think it’s more me. I’m a sarcastic person, so the way I read it in my head was just…yeah LOL. They sound like exaggerations maybe? Whatever it is, I enjoyed them!

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