Chapter 57

Helsia Deep (Part 2)

Vynette Charo was led down a narrow stairway by the Xaabosian prince. Sconce’s on the wall dimly lit the way, the shadows that licked her face as she passed in between lights suited her mood, and what she was about to tell the chieftain’s wife.

The prince moved from corridor to corridor in a haphazard fashion. To the untrained eye, you would think he was lost. But this was the warrensway,  a vast network of meandering passage ways within the vast depths of Helsia Deep. Vynette could see that the prince was following visual signs on the walls, they looked like normal blemishes in the stone but were markers to those that knew the code.

Jett Leads Them To Vennla

Before long they entered what appeared to be a way-station. Vynette knew otherwise, this was all interconnected, this was still the Amaya’s home within the stone.

Vennla Is Seething“Is that the infamous Wings I see before me?” asked Vennla, as Vynette walked through the threshold behind Jett.

“Yes maam.”

“Please, call me Vennla.” she gestured for her daughter to stand up, “Please sit down, you look exhausted!”

“If you don’t mind maa-, Vennla. I would rather stand, as soon as I sit down I’ll fall asleep, and this news I’m about to tell you is important.”

Vennla nodded her head, “Very well, tell me your news.”

Relaying Bad News To Vennla“I have just come from the Water-Palace. Korv the Usurper has murdered the emperor and as far as I know, myself and a young Xaabosian I rescued on the way to my ship are the only survivors.”

Vennla looked shocked. Her daughter just sat there looking slightly confused. She probably didn’t understand what was going on, it was then that Vynette noticed that the child was staring at her.

Vennla Explains Jett's Situation“Why is she called Wings mommy? I don’t see any wings.”

Everyone guffawed at the child’s remark. They always took things so literal at that age. It won’t be long before she was exposed to the real world and that childhood innocence would be lost forever.

“She’s a pilot Nessy, you remember what they are?” the girls mother asked.

Yveness gasped, “You’re a pilot!?!”

“I am little one.” replied Vynette with a smile on her face.

“I bet it’s fun. It’s fun isn’t it?”

“Oh yes. But it’s not always fun, you have to clean the ship often, otherwise it smells like your brothers socks after he’s gone for a run.”

Yveness Grossed Out By Guts“Eeeew! That’s gross!!!” cried out the girl as she grimaced  from the thought of it.

“Enough child, I think you’ve interrogated the guest long enough.” Vennla smiled at her daughter. “Don’t you have a lesson to be at?”

“Aw, but mom!”

“No buts, go!” she laughed and shooed her daughter out of the room. When she was gone, Vennla turned back to Vynette. “Go and rest now. Thank you for bringing this news to us.”

Vynette nodded her thanks and left the room. She knew the way back, every Helsian did. The journey back was even slower then the way there, and each and every step she thought about Keth and Alfran and how she just left them behind.


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