Chapter 37

Recovery? (Part 9)

– Red –

It is getting harder to ignore. I know that voice but I still can’t place it.

“I’ve missed you Ymnir. It has been so lonely without you.”

“Stay with me.” he pleads, I want to, I want to be with him forever.

– Red –

He leads me outside and we lay down below the open sky. Watching in silence as the galaxy shifts around us.

Eons pass, and stars dies, and still we lay there.

– I miss you Red –

The world shifts, and we are inside once more. I am in his embrace, and I am content.

“Stay with me.” he pleads, and I want to. All I have to say is yes, and I will be with him for an eternity.

– Red –

The world shifts once more and we are downstairs on the bed. Ymnir holds me in his arms.

“Stay with me.” he pleads, and I let him lower me gently down on to the bed. We kiss, and I feel complete. I open my mouth to say I will stay…

– Come back to us Red. Come back to me –


“Stay with me.” Ymnir pleads as I jump up from the bed.

“I wish I could my love.” I replied as I looked in to his face, and his blue eyes started to fade.

“Stay with me.” he pleads as he grabs my arm. I sense more than see the colour returning to me. I feel the pain, the burning sensation of the poison that is coursing through my body.

“Goodbye.” I say, and I leave behind the love of my life. I leave the cabin, tears running down my cheeks. I think to look back one last time, but when I do the cabin is gone.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 37”

  1. *loud crying* Comfort anywhere? Poor Shaela! She wouldn’t have been happy in that surreal world and she wouldn’t even have noticed that she wasn’t because of this surrealness. Still, it’s so sad :`(

    Liked by 1 person

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