Chapter 151

Time to Breathe

Shaela lowered her gun, and the princess and I followed suit.


“Sage! How did you…”


“Wait, did you say Sage?” asked Leyva, her gun now pointing at the head of this so-called Sage again.


The man standing next to Sage just whistled a cheery tune as all hell was starting to break loose.


“You’re telling me,” the princess continued, “That this is the same Sage that tried to kill us and led to the events that got my father killed?”


“Yes,” answered the San’Dreki, who still had her hands up.


Gunfire echoed throughout the small bridge of the ship as Leyva emptied the clip of her gun, yet none of the bullets reached its target, the strange man just gestured his hand casually and all the bullets and even Leyva’s gun turned to dust.


Dust started to swirl around Leyva as her anger took control of her. Shaela tried to calm her down, but there was murder in her eyes and she was intent to kill this Sage.


“Oh, bloody hell, Nirri! CALM… DOWN!” shouted the man, and surprisingly, Leyva did.


“Wha… What did you call me?”


He peered towards Leyva with a friendly smile, “You have a god inside you,” he then looked over to Shaela, “You too.”


And finally, he turned around to Sage and chuckled, “And you, my friend.”



Thankfully, as soon as Gary intervened, the princess no longer seemed like she wanted to kill me. She still gave me evil looks, but I could endure those.


“So,” I started, “Are you saying that you’re a god?”


“Well, inter-dimensional beings that were worshipped as gods,” Gary replied from his seated position.


We’d moved from the bridge to the mess hall as soon as we’d entered Sixam’s orbit, we still had some time before Rene’s ship joined us, so it was time to get some answers.


“You,” he said as he pointed to Leyva, “Have ‘Nirri, Goddess of War and Impossible Odds’ inside you, I suspect that this is the reason for your anger issues, Nirri has always been a hot-head.”


“And me?” asked Shaela, who was looming over the princess protectively, I was unsure whether she was protecting her from me or protecting me from her?


“You have ‘Kronath, God of Motion and Peace’ living within you… Nirri’s lover and the only one capable of calming her down… Well, usually.”


Leyva’s brow furrowed as she processed this information.


“I’ve always felt a connection to Shaela,” she said, “Right from the very first moment I saw her when she came to the palace all those years ago, but it is as a sister, not a lover.”


Behind her, Shaela just nodded her head in agreement.


“They won’t force their love onto their hosts, their only desire would be to remain close.”


“And these new powers of ours, are these from our… gods?” Shaela asked.


Gary just looked at each of us and simply said, “Yes.”


“Okay, Gary,” I said, “What are you the god of then?”


He stood up and took a deep bow.


“I am Gaztherim, God of Adventure, Luck, Purity. I am also the God of Maidenly Virtue, The Harvest, Wind, Earth, Air, and Fire. The God of Merchants, of Sailors, of Candlestick Makers, of…”


He continued to rattle off different aspects while we all just looked at each other, slightly amused and said at exactly the same time…


“The God of Lies!”


Gary bowed once more, deeper than the first time, “In the flesh.”


Before long, we were joined by the others and both ships were set to land on the planet of Sixam. We were left alone in the mess hall while the others took care of re-entry.


“Why me?” Sage asked as the ship started its descent to the planet surface.


“Why not?” I replied with a smirk as I took a seat beside her.


“Because I’m not a hero, I’m evil, I murdered people for the sake of coin, too many people. I… Am… A monster.”


“See,” I started, “That is precisely why I chose you. All of those delicious lies!”


“What lies?” she sniffled.


“You are not a hero, yet you saved Alfran and Keth back on Xaabos. You are not a hero, yet you saved Rene and Alex from a ruthless bounty hunter. You are not a hero, yet you sacrificed your own life to save the life of your enemy’s.”


“You are evil, yet you cannot stand back and allow genocide to occur.”


“You are a monster, yet you are the most beautiful thing in the universe, full of contradictions.”


I paused for a moment as I gently pulled her head towards me, silently she sobbed on my shoulder and I waited until she was spent before I continued.


“You murdered people for the sake of coin, too many people. This is the only truth, but the best lies are veiled in truth…”


I wiped the tears away from her face.


“Did you not have a plan for this coin when you thought that you would be dead? Do you still want to go ahead with that plan, knowing that you are alive?”


Sage had her signature wicked grin on her face that I had grown to love, “Yes, I do… X.I.N!?!”


“Yes, Mum? How can I be of assistance?”


“Send the message meant for Princess Leyva.”


I smiled, thinking about how far my little Sage had come in such a short space of time, “Atta girl.”


“Excuse me, Princess Leyva?” X.I.N called out over the loudspeaker, “I’ve received a message from Miss Sage for you, would you like me to play the message?”


I stood up from my seat, wondering what on earth that murderous bitch would want to tell me, “Play it!”


“This message was recorded prior to the nuclear detonations on Terra, as such, there will be some inaccuracies in the message.”


“Just play it!” I snapped.


“This is a message for Princess Leyva of Xaabos. I realise that I am probably the last person in the universe you want to hear from… Well, except for maybe your cousin.


“I wanted to say how truly sorry I am for my part in these events. The life of an assassin is a lucrative business if you check your morals in at the door. But money cannot buy you happiness if you never had happiness, to begin with, however, it can… win you a war.


“At the end of this message, all my vast sums of credits that I’ve accumulated will now belong to you. There is no use in declining this, as I will not be returning, the augment that works to regenerate my body was destroyed on Terra.


“Yeah, Shaela, I lied to you. Sorry about that, but it was the only way I could ensure that you go. It was fun while it lasted.”


As soon as the message ended, Shaela burst out laughing.


“No wonder the God of Lies chose her!”


“Princess Leyva,” X.I.N. started, “As stated in Miss Sage’s message, her funds have been transferred into an account that she set up for you. The account details have been sent to your personal device.”


As soon as the account details appeared on my device, I swiped them onto the monitor in front of me for all to see. To say that I was curious to see how much money this assassin had was an understatement, but it didn’t prepare me for what actually appeared on the screen.


“Tha… That’s more money than even the Imperial Coffers!”


“By Apex!” Shaela whispered.


“Like, six times as much!” I continued, laughing at the thought.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 151”

  1. Lol! I love Gary! And Sage. Quite the redemption she’s made. I guess money can’t buy you everything but in this case, it helped douse Leyva’s anger.

    Great ending! 👏👏👏

    But wait! There’s more? Looking forward to it! 😀😀😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I bet that if the girls didn’t interrupt him, he’d still be rattling off names of things that he was the god of! 😀

      Sage’s redemption was really satisfying to write, I’m glad that you enjoyed it too!

      Leyva was pretty mad, but mind you, I don’t really blame her!

      This one was an ending of sorts, the next chapter just didn’t feel right to include in this one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, drat; there goes all my hopes and dreams for eventual Shayva OH WELL.
    Gary, aww!
    He looks like a dark elf ( 😀 )
    Man, what will Alfran have to say about all of this?

    Makes sense though, about the shards and the ‘gods’ and then the Revenants are coming too 😮
    hOoboy; next season is going to be a doozy!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s always AU Shayva 😉

      He does kind of look like a dark elf!
      Alfran has no opinion because he thinks that Sage is dead! 😀

      Foreshadowing up the wazoo, that’s for sure! Expect some epic shenanigans! 😀


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