Chapter 105


– Shaela –

This bond was truly incredible, each night Leyva would go to sleep and relive a memory of mine, my life revolved around war, and so she often experienced a battle or my very own training. Each morning she awoke, she’d learnt something new and was quickly able to master it.

Mean Leyva 2Moody Levya 5Teasing Leyva 1

I learnt of Leyva’s troubled past when I went to sleep. I never knew that she had so much darkness inside of her, it frightened me at first to learn of some of the things that she’d done as a child but then I remembered the Leyva I’d known since I became her father’s ward, that was the true Leyva. I saw glimpses of that dark version of herself when I was Taskmaster Shaela, and I did not care for it.


As the months flew by, our training became more intense. It wasn’t long before we both moved to sharps – blades with true cutting edges. Leyva had been using them for a long time now, but I’d finally grown comfortable in her ability to counter most of my attacks.


As our bond deepened, this… power manifested itself more often. Our sparring sessions would often leave the chamber floor covered in sky-shard dust. Bella came to watch one day and was both amazed and terrified at what we were doing.


“It is not natural!” she cried, her face completely devoid of all colour. That was the last time we saw Bella, clearly, our new ability was too much for her to handle.


Samla visited shortly after and expressed her concerns about Nakaia. She told me that she’d forsaken their mission for a personal vendetta against a local politician, one who had no bearing whatsoever on their goals.

01-28-18_11-33-44 AM

This worried me, but I’d learnt that Samla had taken ownership of Nakaia’s role and was doing a stellar job, all but one of the rockets were ready to launch, the final one was a few weeks off. It was going to coincide perfectly with the completion of the bonding. I couldn’t have been prouder of Samla than I was at that very moment.

– Samla –


After I completed my latest set of rounds, I let out a sigh of relief. Despite my inexperience in leadership, I’d managed to keep everything from falling apart in Nakaia’s absence and surprisingly, the others just accepted the fact that I’d taken charge. The final rocket would be ready in time for when Shaela and the princess got out of the bonding chamber, I’d heard rumours about their training, whispered words between Bella and Nakaia, it made me want to see what had gotten Bella so worked up.


When I saw for myself what she was on about, I understood. It was amazing, one second, they would both be standing still, poised to strike, the next moment, they would disappear with a crackling sound into dust.


It was impossible to follow, they moved too quickly, the only way that I knew they were fighting was the explosions of dust whenever they made contact.


I left after giving my report to Shaela with a sense of awe. I’d always looked up to Shaela, I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for her… or her dead lover, but this new thing was different, it felt like I was looking at two gods sparring, not two mortals. Part of me thought I was being ridiculous, the other part wondered if perhaps I wasn’t that far off.


– Sage –


 It won’t be long before I reach Terra. I’d already managed to dispatch one of the Bounty Hunters while en route, the one that could speak with her mind had a slower vessel and by a stroke of luck, I peered out the window at the right moment. I saw her ship and managed to engage my stealth drive before I appeared on her scanners. I followed her for a time, just to make sure that she wasn’t luring me into a trap and when I was confident that she didn’t know that I was there, I made my move.


The Plasrail Cannons made short work of her shields and disabled her engine in a short burst of fire. I finished her off with a single Dark Matter Torpedo, no sense in wasting good ammo.


Alfran and I continued our little talks. He wanted to know about some of my old contracts, and while I was hesitant at first to show him that side of me, I realised that he’d already seen it. I relented, and truth be told, it was a good thing.


I learnt of his history as a pit-fighter. He knew all too well the task of killing.


“Killing for survival is not that much different than killing for money.” He told me after he read through the first dozen contracts.


He admitted to me how close he came to killing his friend, Keth. Alfran had an alter-ego, “The Scorpion” that takes over when he’s in the pit. He’d learnt to rely on him when he was fighting, but he was ruthless, and he had no friends. I came to understand in that moment how similar we were in that sense.


Embracing this path had been rewarding for the soul. I could never erase the evil that I’d done, never atone for my sins, but perhaps I could finally give this life meaning.


– Bigfellow –


She was completely clueless. I knew what she was, who she was from the moment she stepped into my office. I would be a poor Shadow if I didn’t recognise the Orrix, even when she was in disguise.


I’d been toying with her for months now and it was started to get old. I’d given her some bread crumbs to follow, that would ultimately lead her nowhere. It was a shame, I’d expected more from the legendary Orrix but I guess that is the problem with Legends, they never live up to expectations.


Myself, I was a deep-cover shadow, sent to Terra at the same time as Korlaan on a separate ship, not even she knew of my presence at the time, but I suspect that as time passed, she became suspicious.


The way she seduced that local writer and disappeared without a trace was too much of a coincidence. Not to worry, I have my ways to bring her back into the fold. All I need are the correct words.


– Korv –


I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.

– Unknown –


It is almost time. My host grows exponentially stronger each day and soon they will be strong enough to survive the rending. I can feel my love stirring nearby, somehow, I always knew we would find a way to be together once more. It was like my father once told me,


“Gods always find a way to get what they want.”

18 thoughts on “Chapter 105”

  1. I’ve sped things up quite significantly as I found myself getting stuck on the small things. Like, how long could I ultimately do the same thing over and over again with Nakaia, Samla and Shaela/Leyva. I thought that introducing a Time Jump into the mix would break me out of the slump and bring me to the really exciting stuff that’s just around the corner.

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    1. It WAS a long chapter! Mind you, with 6 POV’s you could actually call it a short chapter still! 😀 What’s to follow? CHAOS AND MAYHEM!!! *cough* Umm… I mean, stuff… Stuff will happen. Completely normal stuff.


  2. Yay! An update! So much is going on, too. My favorites were the scenes with Shaela and Leyva fighting and Alfran and Sage…they’re so cute in their deadly way! Ha!

    I hate Korv…not sure what’s going on. Maybe I need to reread stuff. And that wolf character…hmm…

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    1. Yeah, a lot had to happen to get things moving. The fighting is definitely getting more intense and there is a tonne of cuteness between the two San’Dreki! 😀

      A little recap into Korv’s situation:

      He found those same crystals that Jett found under Helsia Deep, except he had no one to pull him back from touching them. The crystal (or what is inside the crystal) is slowly taking control of him.

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