Chapter 18

The Party (Part 2)

Galvex stood by the back door, a glass of oil-wine in his hands. If he was lucky, no one would notice him here and he could skive off the whole night.

“Galvex!” Shouted Alfran, “You’re at the wrong door!”

“Not if I want someone else to invite in the guests. Then this would be the right door.” he replied back as he raised his drink high.

“Just move, will you!”


*   *   *

“Galvex” laughed the Emperor as he came out of the stairwell and saw the servo-bot standing by the front door, a group of impatient guests waiting outside to be let in. “Usually when you are on door duty, you let the guests in.”

“Ah yes, usually that is the case. But tonight I thought I would just leave them out there.”

Emperor Saarang just shook his head. “Just let them in, please.”


*   *   *

“Hey, can I get a drink?” asked one of the guests.

“Sure.” said Galvex as he walked away from the guest.

“Wait, aren’t you going to -”

“Oh I’m sorry, the bar is that way.” he interrupted, and by the time the guest had turned back around to question the servo-bot once more he was gone.

*   *   *

Galvex had successfully evaded that bothersome guest. He sat down at the bar and standing in front of him was Korv.

“Galvex! It’s been too long, you’re looking good.” said Korv, a genuine smile appearing on the mans face.

“Ah yes, well I wish I could say the same. You’re looking about as good as a Rockfiends dangly bits.” Korv’s face darkened at the insult. But before he could say anything the servo-bot stood up. “I’m sorry, that was rude of me. Remind me to apologize to the next Rockfiend I see.”

He left Korv standing behind the bar with a bewildered look on his face. Another triumphant insult he thought to himself as he quickly ducked in to a nearby closet to avoid his master Alfran who was coming his way.


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