Chapter 6

Water-Garden Rendezvous (Part 1)

Shaela loved to sit in the water-gardens at night. They were so peaceful and the ever-changing colour of the flora within had a calming effect on her that she couldn’t explain. Her fight with Korv earlier had left her emotionally drained and she wanted nothing more than to disappear under a rock and hide for the next 700 years.

“Hey Red!”

Shaela didn’t need to turn around to know who that was. Princess Leyva always called her Red. It was her playful way of pointing out Shaela’s hair and eyes, an unusual colour amongst her people.

“Hey Princess, I didn’t hear you coming.”

The princess let out a mock gasp, “By Apex, something must be bugging you for clumsy lil me to sneak up on you!”

Shaela giggled at Leyva’s remark. Apex was a Helsian god, for a Xaabosian to be invoking his name like that was one of the most blasphemous thing a Xaabosian could do, and she’d just heard the 2nd in line for the throne say it.

“So what’s wrong Red? You look like your about ready to go for a swim in the Molten Sea”

“I had another run in with Korv today.” Shaela replied.

“Oh. What did that Gronyx-head do this time?”

“He played me like a fiddle. I let him get under my skin with those silly insults of his and lashed out again.”

The princess raised her eyebrow, “Is the royal pain-in-our-asses going to need a new arm?”

Shaela looked up and smiled, “No, but he may need a few new teeth. I smacked him right across the jaw with my shield, hard enough to knock him out.”

Leyva just burst out laughing. “Oh I would’ve given up this party father is throwing me to see that!” but when she turned back to the Helsian woman she could see her face had darkened.

“Oh I’m sorry Red, I didn’t mean to bring that up.”

“It’s okay.”

“No it’s not.” replied Princess Leyva, “I hate the way you’re treated, not just by Korv but by most people. I wish I could choose you Shaela, but no matter what happens we’ll stay as friends alright?”

Shaela looked the princess straight in the eyes. There was a look of hopelessness in those eyes, they both knew the truth but Shaela knew that the princess was just wanting to hear the words, wishing that it were true.

“Of course Princess, of course we’ll stay friends.” Shaela stood up, “I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow Leyva.”

“Night Red.”

She left the princess alone in the water-gardens as she fled to the sanctuary of her room, knowing that in a few short days the princess will do the same to her.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 6”

  1. I love how the princess brings out a softer side of Shaela, and how we see more of a playful and sarcastic side of Leyva when she’s with Shaela. They really complete each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah they really do work well together. Shaela was born during a war, where her people were all expected to fight, Leyva does a great job of making Shaela forget a lot of the horrors of war that she must have witnessed.


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