Chapter 26

The Party (Part 10)

The event was winding down as it entered in to the early hours of the morning. Nakaia still had a few things she needed to accomplish before she would be done though, she still needed to distract Korv, and she wanted to talk to Alfran about the San’Dreki girl, Sage.

She found the steward sitting at the bar, attempting to seduce one of the guests and doing a poor job of it. When she questioned him about the dancer he stated that he had worked with her on many occasions and that they undergo a thorough background check before they are given any public gigs.

Still not satisfied, but with nothing else to go on she asked Alfran to check up on her and went off in search of Korv. He was in the ballroom, standing by the chocolate fountain.

“There you are handsome! Care for a dance?” she called out cheerfully as she dragged him on to the dance-floor and forcefully pulled him into her arms.

“Well, how can I refuse such a beautiful and forward woman“ he chuckled as they gracefully danced. “How is your night going Nakaia?”

“Wonderful!” she exclaimed, “So many attractive people here, it’s hard to zero in on just one.”

“Uncle has you working.”

It wasn’t a question, more of a statement. Nakaia just smiled, there was no use denying it – he didn’t know the particulars, only what he’d probably seen throughout the night.

He dipped her low, and as he brought her back up he pulled her in close, leaned in and whispered, “I know what you are doing. By the time we’re done here the agent visiting my chambers will be dead.”

Nakaia tried to pull away from Korv but he pulled her back in. “I hope you said goodbye to the Princess and her Greyling dog.”

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