Chapter 62

Dinner at the Goth’s (Part 2)

Cassandra had fallen asleep at the table, the pages of her homework book stuck to her face. She heard a noise, fierce crackling coming from the kitchen. Has mom left dinner in the oven again? she thought to herself as she wandered over to investigate.

Oven FireSure enough, a pan of oil was left unattended on the stove-top and the chicken that was to be their meal for tonight’s dinner party was inside the oven. A fire was raging away, both inside and around the oven. Inside the glass window Cassandra could see the blackened chicken through the fire. She quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher and set about putting out the fire.

Dinner RuinedBella raced in to the kitchen.

“My chicken!” she cried as she frantically tried to fix the situation.

“Mom, I think the bird’s cooked.” she said sarcastically.

“Oh ha ha! Very funny Cassandra Goth! You should be a bloody comedian!”

“I don’t under stand why you keep insisting on cooking for these parties mom. You could hire a caterer, and your cooking is awful!”

“Well it’s too late for that I’m afraid. They’ll be here any moment now. MORTIMER! Order 6 pizzas will you!?!” she called out to the other side of the room.

“Kitchen of fire again?” he chuckled.

“JUST DO IT!!” Bella snapped, more out of embarrassment  than any other reason.

The Face of a HeroThat’s going straight to simstagram!

Pizza It Is ThenMortimer slowly walks inside, and places the pizza down on the dining room table. Wonderful, does she do this shit on purpose or is she really just that bad?  he thought to himself.

“I fucking hate pizza.” mumbled Mortimer as he strode outside to get in a nice relaxing swim before the guests arrive in little over an hours time.


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