Chapter 51

The Fire Rages Within (Part 1)

The battle was over. He had won a decisive victory this day, his uncle was dead and the Water-Palace was his. The one hiccup was the escape of that Helsian pilot.

He was still livid about that, how could they have let that happen. His fury burned deep. He had specifically asked that the mechs be programmed to seek out aircraft. Either she was incredibly lucky, incredibly skilful, or the mech’s programming had glitched out. Korv assumed the latter.

“Your Imperial Majesty. It is ready for your inspection.”

General Dexu. A pompous Xaabosian noble who by aligning himself with Korv had been promised a higher station within the empire.

“Excellent. Show me the way.” Korv said as he gestured the general to take the lead.

Wake Up SoldierThe general led Korv down the stairs in to a dimly lit room. A single sleeping guard had been posted outside a metal door.

“Wake up soldier or I will throw you in to the Molten Sea!” shouted Korv, which startled the guard out of his dream.

“Korv! I mean, Your Imperial Majesty. I was only resting my-”

“Save it.” interrupted the new emperor, “I don’t want to hear it. Open the door.”

“Ye- Yes Your Imperial Majesty.” the frightened soldier fumbled with his key-card.

The general sighed and pushed the man aside, using his own key-card to open the door and once more led the emperor down some more stairs. Two levels they descended, in to a prison block. And at the bottom of the stairs Korv was pleased to see two very familiar prisoners.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 51”

    1. I love it how everyone loves Alfran! He wasn’t actually even a ‘thought’ until I got closer to the party chapters and decided that the Emperor needed a Steward. He wasn’t even supposed to be a main character, just some background screenshot fodder, but then I just had to write a back-story for him and fall in love with the character! XD

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  1. Awww, they’re still alive! Don’t hate you any more, guys, I’m with you with my… uh… rusty old Amazon sword? Hope you won’t be tortured 😦 Don’t talk or make deals, whatever Korv could want from you by sparing your life. Don’t support him. Don’t let yourself get hypnotized. Don’t… well, you got it.

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