Chapter 96


Thank Apex for my suit! If she’d not been wearing it, chances were high I would’ve killed the Princess. She’d suffered multiple facial fractures and a severe concussion which under normal conditions, she may have never recovered from.


I knelt next to the Princess and watched as the suit begin it healing protocols by sending Nanites directly into her bloodstream. Instead of an adrenaline shot, a strong sedative was administered to keep Leyva off her feet.


When she was in a stable condition I lifted her up from the floor gently, flecks of dust falling from her body and onto the white floor as I carried her to her room.


I set her down on her bed and left my suit on her, there was still more healing to be done, but she was out of danger, all she needed was time.


Time, I now had an abundance of it while the Princess recovered. I wanted to run some tests on this dust. I’d experienced that exact phenomenon against that San’Dreki assassin, back at the Water Palace, and when I’d recovered from my own injuries, I’d been told that those dust fragments were a combination of Skyshard Iron and my own DNA.

I wanted to see if this was the same, would I find the Princess’s DNA hidden inside these particles? I scooped up a large pile and funnelled it into a test tube… Only time would tell.


While my tests were running inside the Mass Spectrometer, I checked in on the status of Leyva. She was peacefully asleep, most of the visual damage had been repaired and she’d repositioned herself on the bed, she was tougher than she looked.


Not for the first time, I questioned whether this while bonding process, and the Princess’s insistence that I train her was a terrible idea. I’d hurt her more times than I could remember, and this time, I very nearly killed her. What would happen next time?


I left Leyva’s room and returned to a beeping Mass Spectrometer, my tests were finished. I pulled the results up onto the computer screen and scrolled through the data, sure enough, I found the Princess’s DNA fused with elements of Skyshard Iron, but there was something else in there…


I dug deeper into the results, surely this was wrong, I went to a different sample and ran the tests again, and when that result produced the same result, I gathered a third and a fourth sample…


But each test came up with the exact same shocking conclusion.


My DNA was merging with Leyva’s, the bonding process was working, literally, and the implications of this discovery was terrifying.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 96”

  1. Hmmm….very interesting but if bonding has been done in the past, wouldn’t Shaela know this? I’m very intrigued by this idea. If they merge then one would disappear? Or would they become two of the same kind?

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    1. Very good questions! I can answer the first one, but I’ll have to say a coy, “wait and see” on the others 😉

      The initial (for lack of a better word) Dust-Attack, that Shaela experienced wasn’t bonding, but some untapped power she knows nothing about. The fact that Leyva was able to use it… that is… interesting.

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    2. I totally second pammie’s intriguing questions. Why would anyone not know of these effects or was there a hidden problem in the whole process, one that maybe scientists held secret or didn’t discover because there were certain conditions to be fulfilled to lead the bonding to a higher stage? One that Shaela and Leyva are the first or the first after a long time to enter? 😮 Sometimes I’d really love to be a scientist on Xaabos and help to nurture XIS with information from my colleagues and my experiments and research! 😀

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      1. So, what I can add to previous answers relating to this is:

        You’re absolutely right in that some aspects of the process/science of it are kept secret from the general populous, Helsian’s know next to nothing about it, the rest of Xaabosian’s, not much more than that.

        What Bella has done to this Chamber, in making it more powerful… Is it a good idea? Or is it something that was tried in the past by older generations and produced less than satisfactory results?


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