Chapter 7

Water-Garden Rendezvous (Part 2)

The following evening Princess Leyva found Shaela seated in the water-gardens again. As the celebration for her birthday, and the evening that she must choose a bond drew closer, Shaela grew more and more distant. Where they used to spend most of their days together – getting in to all kinds of mischief, Shaela spent the majority of her time training.

Her people could be so petty and cruel. She spoke regularly to her brother Jett, who was a ward with Shaela’s family – he was not subjected to the same discrimination as Shaela, in fact he was universally liked by the majority of Helsian’s he met. Why couldn’t Xaabosian’s be the same?

A small overripe berry struck her in the head, right between the eyes and popped – covering her in its sweet, juice. She stood there stunned and Shaela fell to the floor in tears of laughter. Leyva just smiled and wiped the juice away before sitting down next to her friend.

“You’ll pay for that Red.”

Still laughing, Shaela leaned forward in her seat until her face was inches away from the princess’s. Her eyes sparkled like sunshine striking perfectly cut rubies, “I couldn’t help myself, you were a sitting duck”

“Technically I was a standing duck, but I’ll let that slide.”

They both laughed at the princess’s ridiculous joke. It felt like old times, even if just for a night.

“Let’s go out.” she suggested to Shaela looking her directly in to her bright red eyes.

“I don’t know.” Shaela lowered her head, breaking eye contact. “It’s getting late and I’ve been training hard to -”

“That is exactly why you need to go out!” interrupted the princess.

Shaela lifted her head to look at the princess once more. She was impossible to refuse, but she was going to do just that.

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  1. See, the first time I read this I completely missed the context setting with Jett because I was rushing. Now I actually see the hints of the delicate equilibrium, so easy to be tipped over.

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