Chapter 13

The Orrix (Part 3)

In the early hours of the morning as the first sun rose over the Titan’s Edge mountain range, the girls arrived back from their night out. The princess was exhausted, always one to go full-throttle when out-and-about so Shaela had carried her off to her room before retiring herself.

This left Nakaia by herself, giving her a perfect opportunity to review her mission profile for tomorrow evening. She walked casually to her chambers, a simple, small room with the bare necessities – a bed, dresser, an end-table and a small book-case. She scanned her surroundings to make sure she was alone and walked over to the book-case, and pulled on a seemingly random book.

The book-case slid open silently and Nakaia slipped through the gap and descended the stairs in to her hidden den as the book-case noiselessly closed behind her. Not even the emperor knew about this place, that secret died with his father. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to get past the second door – it required her fingerprint, a retina-scan and voice recognition. It was her sanctuary, and the place where she planned every last covert detail.

It was a small room, two desks with 4 screens surrounding them on the wall. She could move anything from her desktop computer or tablet on to those screens with a mere gesture. In the corner was another door, securely locked and held various goodies, some just trophies from previous missions.

She looked down at the tablet, and positioned the information on to the big-screens to her liking and studied the job:

  • The emperor was concerned that an activist group was gaining traction, a number of their most out-spoken members would be in attendance and she was to gather information from them by any means.
  • This same group was rumoured to have hired an assassin. She was to discover if this was true, who this person was, who their target was, and to stop them unless it was of benefit the empire.
  • Korv had grown distant of late, and Nakaia was to distract him while the emperor sent another agent to his chambers to find anything of value.
  • And finally, the emperor wanted to set an example to the nobility. One of them had spoken out against the emperor’s decision to end the war with the Helsian’s. Nakaia was to steal an item from a guest and plant it on this noble.

Individually these were simple tasks, together it was a full itinerary – Nakaia was going to be busy that evening. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 13”

  1. I LOVE her. I was listening to “Make a Move” by Icon for Hire while reading this and it definitely very appropriate XD But seriously, I think she is so cool, and I like the dynamic of her character. She is definitely a good character but you can tell she is the kind of person who loves chaos.

    Liked by 1 person

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