Chapter 112

– 00:47:02:13 –


“Sage!” Alfran yelled through the intercom, he’d bypassed the usual X.I.N. protocols and had called me by the name of his dead friend, something wasn’t right.


“I’m here, what’s wrong?” I replied.


“I hope you are close, I’m getting some weird readings from Terra and a countdown timer has just popped up on my screen., it’s either a coincidence or…”


“There’s no such thing as coincidences, how long does it say we have?” I asked, already preparing the ship’s systems for an emergency jump.


“Just under forty-seven minutes.”


So soon! I thought to myself. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. Wish me luck!”


I just hope that it is soon enough.


“Good luck and Sage?”




“Take care,” Alfran replied with obvious concern in his voice.


I disconnected the call and ran out of the bridge. “X.I.N.” I yelled, “As soon as the ship is ready, make the jump!”


“Are you sure those coordinates are correct?” X.I.N. asked.


“Just do it!” I snapped as I raced into the tech lab and picked up a handful of molecular transporters.

This was a trademark Shadowplay; if I was right, and I knew deep down that I was, that countdown timer signalled the destruction of Terra – landing would be suicide.


Those coordinates are our only hope of survival.

Meanwhile in multiple locations throughout the Universe…


16 thoughts on “Chapter 112”

    1. The real Sage (Alfran’s friend) was the dancer from way back near the start of the story – except even then she wasn’t because the Assassin killed her and stole her skin so she could infiltrate the party. She liked the name so much she kept it.

      Alfran refuses to call her by this name, so you have to wonder if it was a calculated move to get her attention or whether he’s starting to feel comfortable with her?


    1. Was symptoms an autocorrect? I’m wracking my brains trying to work out what it could’ve been? Thank you! I’m glad that you like the screenshots, I really enjoy setting the scene to try and make it not look like a sims game! 😀


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