Chapter 125

– 00:20:27:80 –


Once onboard the ship, I asked Leyva to guide me to the pilot seat, my broken ankle was starting to throb once more, and I needed to get some proper medical attention on it soon, but first, we needed to get out of this mess.


 I provided X.I.N. with the access codes while on the move and thankfully, they were accepted with no issues, once I was sitting in the pilot’s chair I keyed in the coordinates that the San’Dreki gave me and proceeded to transport Nakaia’s body onboard.


“That’s a relief,” Leyva said, “I’m glad we didn’t have to leave her there.”


“Yeah,” was all I could say, my emotions threatened to overwhelm me, but I remembered the strangers’ words.


Get to the outskirts of the asteroid belt and prepare for a quick jump. With that in mind, I keyed in the coordinates we needed and ordered X.I.N. to fly us into position.


The San’Dreki was right, the ship was at the bottom of the lake. Thankfully it wasn’t too deep and with the device, she tossed to me before she departed, I was able to swim down there and bypass the ship’s security. After flying to the surface and ushering Alex onboard, it was time to call my sister again.


“Sis, everything okay with you?” I asked as I guided the ship out of Terra’s atmosphere.

“Yeah, Leyva & I are on the woman’s ship, although my ankle is killing me!” she replied, the pain in her voice evident.


“What did you do to your ankle?”


“We’re heading out beyond the Asteroid Belt. What’s your status?” she replied, changing the topic, clearly, she did something stupid.


“We were ambushed by a San’Dreki Bounty Hunter. She destroyed all our rockets, Orion died in the blast and all that remains of Galvex is his personality chip, Alex and I are safe aboard the Hunter’s ship thanks to the other San’Dreki, and are almost out of atmos, we’ll join you shortly.”


The news just keeps getting worse, “Okay, see you soon brother. Don’t do anything foolish, especially with that boy onboard!”


“I’ll leave the foolishness to you, huh?” he laughed.


I sheepishly grinned, knowing that Rene had caught on to me changing the subject earlier, “Deal.”


Leyva grunted, “I guess all we can do is wait now.”


“Yeah,” I agreed, “Wait and hope.”

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    1. I know, right!?! Life just got so mental, hopefully things can calm down enough to finish out the season 🙂

      You’ll get some insight into the bomb/s in a few chapters time – maybe next chapter if I decide to merge them 😉

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